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LIVING WITH LOVE – Giving Home Happy Vibes

Shakespeare told us that “all the world’s a stage.”  Well, each of our homes is our own little theater–the place where daily lives play out.  How we arrange our “sets” has a lot to do with how we enjoy our homes.

Sanctuary half round to round table

Sanctuary half round to round table

My friend Jean asked me to help her “stage” her apartment.  It is a perfectly lovely place and Jean has excellent taste and many personal things she loves.  But I did think that she was neglecting some of the best features of the apartment a bit.  It took only a few moves to make some very pleasant changes.

  • We placed a comfortable and rather large chair closer to the fireplace, creating not only a cozy place to sit and read, but also making her hearth and mantle area much more inviting.
  • Jean also had a round table that seemed to lack its own moorings.  We moved it into a corner and made it fit in better by placing a lamp on it along with a few of her favorite things to display.  It now has both a home and a function.
  • But the very small change that seemed to make Jean the happiest was suggesting she open the doors of a small armoire in the dining area, and that she dress the shelves to please her.  Closed doors can be off putting.  But, like open arms, the armoire now embraces a little vase Jean bought on a trip to Italy, a sewing basket with her collection of lace trims that peek over the side, and some other items that not only give texture and depth to her room, but a true sharing of herself.

Jean seems so much happier with her new “stage”–and happy vibes now seem to bounce off her walls.  So often we occupy ourselves with function in our choice of furnishings.  Will we have enough storage?  Will the seating area be ample for the big family gatherings?  Will the dining table finish stand up under the wear and tear of youngsters?  All good concerns.

But, remember too that living with love is your ultimate goal.  So furnish your home with good cheer and happiness–and share the vibes.

The photo shown here, from our Sanctuary collection, is a half round table that expands to a round table for a cozy, dual purpose piece.  Take a tour of our Sanctuary Collection to view more pieces.

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  • Laura Redd June 13, 2010, 12:01 am

    This was a great blog on staging and not for selling a home. What a pefect idea- when you just need a little lift to your home and you are stuck, a little “staging” help can really help us love our homes again.

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