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How to Make your Home into a Serene Space

Would you like to feel renewed when you walk into your home at the end of that long day? If there is anyone who can help you make that happen, it is designer Tracey Gibson, the creator of Hooker Furniture’s Sanctuary Collection.

I sat down with her recently to get some tips on creating a soft and serene backdrop for your life.
KS: Tracey, how would you define a “sanctuary within your own home? How does it feel?
TG: The space should exude peace and it should feel refreshing and delightful to be there.
KS: What textures, forms and designs help create a “Sanctuary feeling” in your home?
TG: First, one of the most important and luxurious elements of design is what we call “negative space.” That is, actually having empty space and leaving it clean and free of clutter. This gives your eye a focal point and break from rooms where too much is going on. Less is more. Edit, edit, edit. Keep only the things you and your family find to be fabulous.
KS: What colors help achieve a Sanctuary feeling in your home?
TG: Color is so subjective and varied according to taste. While I prefer a light environment for a space that exudes calm, it’s possible to create a sanctuary with judicious use of darker tones. The secret is low contrast, and, again having sparsely appointed space. Light neutral colors are very reflective and are easier to live with long term. You can always add color easily in accessories. Light colors and monochromatic colors create a more serene backdrop if harmoniously chosen.
KS: What are some things to avoid in decorating that keep our home from being a sanctuary?
TG: The layout needs to work both visually and practically speaking. Clutter has to stay put away, or toss it out. We must get rid of clutter or hide our junk in drawers and behind doors. Also, choose a color scheme that is simple and elegant and keep contrast to a minimum so it feels less busy and more peaceful to the eye.
For more ideas, tour our Sanctuary Collection.

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  • Kathy Hurdle June 29, 2010, 1:26 am

    This information was simply wonderful to know and I always appreciate hearing quotes directly from the designer. Kudos to Tracey and to Hooker Furniture for developing such an exquisite, fresh and superbly crafted new collection. I think that the Sactuary group will have a profound effect on future sales; it is so easy to place in a home and the pricing and value are outstanding! Job well done.

    • kshaver July 2, 2010, 10:20 pm

      Hey Kathy…this is Kim with Hooker Furn. Thanks for the nice comment; it means a lot coming from you! What are you up to these days? What has been your exposure to the Sanctuary Collection? Hope you will continue to enjoy our blogs. Join our Facebook page..facebook.com/HookerFurniture to get ongoing newsfeeds about our blog posts. We have another blog for our Envision line which is more affordable and younger in appeal. Take care!

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