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Creating an Inspired Home Office

The words “chaos” and “home office” do not belong together, especially in the same room. But all too often, our desks at home are surrounded by stacks of papers and books, but we can’t put our hands on the one paper we do need.

The real purpose of a home office is to make our lives easier. The home office is the hub of the home for organization, connection, and dealing with life and the “papers” that go with it.  Especially if you have kids who are in school, the amount of paper that we deal with is incredible. When you begin to plan your home office, think about how it will be used and the volume of information that you want to process through it.

I have been working with a client, Elizabeth, who is a travel agent and has traveled extensively.  With that comes a lot of great mementos that she wanted to display in her home office.  We decided to hang the art that had been collected and organize the wonderful glassware and travel books to really show where she had been and where she wanted to go next. But we still had a major decision to make: where would we house and use the computer? The room is not big, so a large desk with a hutch was out and we had a great window with a view of the world, so I looked to optimize that quality.

Small, stylish, and pretty- that’s what I was looking for in a desk, with the added ability to organize and store life and its paper.

Hooker Furniture has beautiful desk options, but I needed something small to fit with the limited space we had to work with and the amount of sunlight coming in. And I found the perfect piece in the Ariston group in the Envision lifestyle collection by Hooker.  Envision is a line Hooker has developed that has more casual, contemporary and smaller-scaled items than its flagship Hooker Furniture line.

The desk is small and curvy with 3 drawers to hold and organize the papers. But what really sold me was the depth of the desk.  It was the perfect size to hold a laptop without a lot of wasted space, and had enough space to hold the paperwork needed when paying your bills on-line.

The chair that goes with the desk has a beautiful,  artistic back, so when you walk down the hall, you see it and it catches your attention and draws you in. Since the back has an open and airy design, it fits well with all the sunlight in the room. We actually purchased 2 chairs, one for the desk and one to be used as a guest chair, but it is really for “Socks,” Elizabeth’s best friend cat, who sits in the chair waiting to capture the world as it passes by.

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