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Our Family’s Gaming Furniture Journey

Hi, I’m Hank Long, and I develop products for home entertainment and home office furniture for Hooker. While I’ve not been a gamer until recently, when I got my wife a Wii and discovered how much fun it could be for the whole family, I have watched and learned from my 20 and 24-year- old sons as they have enjoyed just about every new gaming system as they grew up. They started playing Pac Man when they were in grade school, and have moved to Play Stations and Xboxes. And they have evolved from playing with their friends side by side on the floor to playing online with friends and strangers miles apart.

In the process, I have learned what we need in gaming furniture in terms of wire management, places to store controllers, and the need for internet connectivity with the newest systems. But I don’t have all the answers. I would love to learn how you use your systems, and what your needs are. Do you need more room for game storage? Do you need a place to store your guitar for Guitar Hero or your Wii balance board?

We want to continue to improve our gaming furniture and give you what you’re looking for to enhance your gaming experience. During our National Gaming Furniture Event happening now, you can enter to win a Wii and email us your ideas about the perfect gaming furniture here.

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  • Melissa Smith August 31, 2010, 4:07 pm

    yes….stoarage,storage,storage!!!! we always have games,remotes, guitars etc laying around!

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