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Gaming Furniture Enhances Your Experience

Are you a gamer?

Chances are the answer is “yes.” We recently learned that there are more than 34 million U.S. households that own gaming systems like Nintendo Wii, Sony Playstation and X-Box 360, according to Centris Market Intelligence.

At Hooker, we’ve developed an extensive line of gaming furniture . We have one primary objective: to enhance the experience of gaming for people by helping to organize and streamline your systems and integrate gaming with a complete home theater  experience.

In the video featured with this blog, our own Hank Long, who oversees the development of all our home entertainment furniture, is demonstrating the bells and whistles of some of our gaming consoles.

During our National Factory-Authorized Home Entertainment Sale Gaming Furniture Event  happening now through September 14, Hank has a favor to ask of all of you. Let him know what you are looking for in gaming furniture. What style and finish do you prefer? What kind of function and storage needs do you have? What size and format do you want? This is a cool deal, because all you have to do is email us your ideas on gaming furniture and become a fan on Facebook or a follower on Twitter—it’s that easy. In exchange, you get a chance to win a Wii. Check out the details here.

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