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Scrapbooking Tells Your Story

What makes a great scrapbook?

“A great scrapbook tells your family’s story, starts up conversations and preserves a heritage for your children.”

That’s the opinion of Tina of Scrapbook Traditions, who led a scrapbooking party and workshop recently at Furnitureland South, and co-sponsored by Hooker Furniture. Tina and her associate Stacie of Scrapbook Traditions in Winston-Salem, N.C., known for the largest scrapbook supply inventory in the Carolinas, gave ideas and tips to a few dozen participants on a busy Saturday at Furnitureland South. Those who attended were able to get an up-close look at the Hobby Cabinet that was part of a sweepstakes giveaway from Furnitureland and Hooker Furniture.

In addition to enjoying refreshments and vying for door prizes at the scrapbooking event, participants saw demonstrations and ideas about Copic marker techniques, acrylic stamps, border punching and dye-cutting. Tina and Stacie also shared their philosophies about creating truly engaging and meaningful scrapbooks. “Look at each page you create as if someone else is seeing it for the first time. Think of the questions they would ask, and try to answer those questions on the page,” Tina said. Another tip, “Be sure that you use your handwriting somewhere in the scrapbook. It doesn’t have to be everywhere, but it will really mean a lot someday to someone to have your handwriting in there, even if it is just one or two spots.”

Tina also believes that scrapbooks should be “accessible” so people can look at them and enjoy them, not stored away in a cabinet or drawer.  Those who attended said they really enjoyed the event. “Thanks for the fun scrapbooking party. Please do another event like this,” said Lynn Brookhart. Added Pam Chrismon, “My daughters and I loved the scrapbooking event. Thank you Furnitureland South and Hooker Furniture for inviting us and giving us the opportunity to learn more and have a hands on experience in crafting and exploring the new cabinet. It is awesome!”

Scrapbook Traditions offered a door prize of a 12 free scrapbooking sessions in their store, a $192 value. The three winners of the door prize were Jessamyn Bean, Emily Hagan and Caroline Chrismon.

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