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Inspiration Can Be Found Anywhere—Even In Furniture!

As a creative person, I find that inspiration can come from almost anywhere or anything. Sometimes it’s more difficult to be inspired by furniture, particularly when you’ve searched so much for one thing that everything starts to look the same.

This week I saw some photos of Hooker Furniture’s new Envision Accents Collection that they will introduce at the High Point Market in October.  I fell in love with this one piece in particular, a block front metallic chest. I had an immediate reaction to it, meaning I sighed and thought, “Oh wow… that is so gorgeous.” And I was definitely inspired by this piece to create a space in my home for it immediately!

The details on the drawers are so intricate and beautiful, but it’s so subtle that I feel it can co-exist nicely with the pieces I already have in my home. I just love the mix of textures and patterns in it.

I was told that the design of this piece was actually inspired by a Gucci clutch purse. While I don’t really consider myself to be a Gucci girl, per se, there’s certainly a side of me that loves a little glamour and femininity, and this piece certainly fits that niche quite nicely without going overboard.
I was glad to hear about this new collection from Hooker, because they have always been known for accent furniture.  What’s different about this accent collection under their Envision brand,  is that these accents are more affordable than any Hooker has offered before, yet still very stylish.

Falling in love at first sight with the Envision block front chest reminded me of the importance of surrounding yourself with what inspires you! Part of creating a home that is uniquely “you” is to find things that stir up something inside you. Show off your personality at home by buying things that really resonate with you.

What inspires you? Leave a comment and share with us.

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