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New Year, New Home Office Furniture

A fresh start toward simplicity

Reflecting on my aspirations for the New Year, there is one thing I want more of and one thing I want less of in 2011. I want more simplicity and less stress. As far as stress goes, we really can’t control a lot of the factors that cause stress. But what we can control is becoming more organized. If you’ve ever been 5 minutes late for a meeting or lunch date and desperately trying to put your hands on an important paper, bill or your phone, then you know about the kind of stress that organization can prevent.

Danforth Smart Hutch

Every home needs a home office,  family communications center or “command central.” The right home office furniture  can help you turn piles into files and get magazines and books off the floor and into bookcases. Many of the computer desks by Hooker Furniture even have a SmartHutch for storing and charging your phone and other portable electronics  so that you always know where they are when you’re ready to run out the door.

Organize your household with stylish filing cabinets

A functional computer desk with file drawers, a mobile file cabinet or a lateral file cabinet can go a long way in organizing your household by creating a filing system for you and your family. Our household has a family filing cabinet that has been a lifesaver on more than one occasion. It helps us keep track of all our son’s college files related to academics, tuition & fees and his apartment expenses; our daughter’s high school files related to college and scholarship applications, transcripts and extracurricular activities, along with our family medical, insurance, investment and retirement files. You can even assign a different color file folder to each family member to easily locate his or her files. You can also assign a specific color to the most “current” events or vacations you may be planning in the near future that require a file to keep up with everything.

Bookcases are storage heroes

The key to making a home office work is to have plenty of storage space. The right bookcase can make the difference between finding the information you need when you need it and wasting time sorting through books and magazines. A bookcase is invaluable for storing reference materials, extra supplies and books. Not only is a bookcase functional, it can serve as a nice design element and even a focal point within your home office.

Best wishes for a fresh start in home organization for the new year. A new home office can help you in that quest, and Hooker Furniture’s National Home Office Sale features savings at participating retailers until January 10. You can even enter to win a free iPad. Here’s to more simplicity and less stress in 2011!

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  • Doris Wood615352 January 4, 2011, 7:32 pm

    Please send pix or info on a cabinet 4-5′ wide, 6-8′ tall, and 6-15″ deep with file type cabinets below, some closed and some open shelves to store things in an office. thanks.

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