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Fall In Love With Your Home Again By Adding a Few Romantic Touches

Any long-term relationship needs nurturing to keep the love alive. The same is true for the relationship you have with your home. Because our homes say something about our individual personalities, it’s only natural to make some changes every once in a while to express ourselves! Here are a few ideas to help you fall in love with your home again:

Ava Accent Chair

• Your story in pictures. Most people have some photographs of family or friends on display, but the way you display them can give them more prominence and personality to your space. Collect several generations of family photos, and mix them together in different frame sizes and styles. Consider enlarging some of your best photos to create even more interesting dimensions in your collection. Try using only black and white or color-tinted images to create one unified “gallery” on a wall.

• Think globally! If you love different cultures but don’t have souvenirs or objects to display, try framing postcards or maps of cities you’ve enjoyed visiting or favorite places you’ve lived. Some are free online to download and cost very little to print. Similarly, your hometown newspaper may have vintage photos of your birthplace that they’re willing to sell or let you copy. Your favorite resort may have a promotional photo of their most spectacular view – ask if they’ll email or send you the image, and then frame it alongside your own candid shots.

• Add a touch of romance. Most of us settle for neutral-color sofas and solids for our living rooms. However, a well-placed accent chair can add a lot of glamour and romance without dominating the room. The Ava accent chair from Hooker Furniture can add a fun and exotic flair without turning your living room into a safari. As long as your other furnishings are simple, this piece will serve as a dramatic and interesting visual element to the room.

Looking for a little boost to help you love your home? In honor of Valentine’s month, Hooker Furniture is giving away a $300 gift card to help you show the love to your home with a little furniture shopping.

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