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LIVING WITH ADVENTURE – Making Dream Homes Come True

For many of us, home is more than a place to hang our hats. It is more than tables and chairs. It is a place we create that expresses our hopes and even fulfills our wishes.

Here are two ways home can be an adventure in living:

Hudson Hutch

  1. 1. THE ENGLISH COTTAGE: Outside your four walls, the landscape may not be the rocky cliffs of England’s Cotswolds, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have the charm and style that makes your home just as warm and cozy. Select a Welsh cupboard like Hooker Furniture’s Hudson hutch to house your collection of teacups and pottery. A sleigh bed or a decorative metal bed is the ideal stage for your quilt. (If you want to be very British, select a quilt that is one beautiful piece of fabric.) Dine on a refectory table that is a wood that looks like generations have placed their napkins and knives and folks upon it, like Hooker Furniture’s Sanctuary table.

When you open your door, vases of wild flowers, bowls of orchard-fresh apples, and a gleaming copper teakettle will welcome you to the English cottage you have always dreamed of.

2.  A MOUNTAIN RETREAT: Last summer the hike in the Adirondacks took your heart and your breath away. Could the lodge where you sat around the fire in the evening in your comfy sweater really be yours? To make this dream come true, turn to rustic looks in furnishing your home. Add stone and other natural materials to your decor. Pillows fashioned from woven and knitted fabric–maybe even like the cable stitch sweater that kept you warm on the mountainside–will soften the wooden bench in the breakfast room. And pulled up to the fireside, leather chairs that are already broken in will give you the same comfort that the ones at the inn offered.

The tall pines may be in your imagination, but the comfort of having your feet up and your head back as you relax at home will be yours to have and hold. Stay tuned for my next Adventures in Living Blog, which will help you live the adventures of a City Loft and Paris Apartment…

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