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Love the Look of Your Home Again Without a Major Makeover

Let’s face it – sometimes we get a little tired of looking at the same things day in and day out. But falling in love with your home again doesn’t mean you need to start from scratch! Here are a few furniture & decorating ideas to rekindle the love:

  • New linens. Whether it’s a new quilt draped over the end of a bed or sofa or some new hand towels for the bathroom, new linens can quickly make a room feel fresh and new again. You can find a set of new hand towels or colorful blanket for under $20, and a complete set of incredibly fine bed sheets for under $75. A well-placed throw also can serve to pull together the colors in your room.

  • Clean up the clutter. Perhaps the cheapest way to love your home again is to simply get organized. Being surrounded by clutter can really take a toll on our emotional health. High shelves and mantles are great for dressing up a space and cleaning up clutter from books, magazines and knick knacks that don’t really have a good home. Dress up lower shelves with several matching baskets or boxes for papers, colors, toys, DVDs, and games. Use large baskets or bins in an unused corner to serve as a toy storehouse that is both quick access and easy pick-up.
  • Store things with style. Sometimes a well-placed piece of furniture can make all the difference in taking your room from boringly blah to perfectly posh. This Gala Display Cabinet from Hooker Furniture offers a gorgeous way to display your china, a prized doll collection, or even some of your favorite books while keeping clutter to a minimum.


In honor of Valentine’s month, Hooker Furniture’s theme in February is “Love Your Home!” They’re even holding a contest to give away a $300 gift card to give you some spending money towards shopping for a new piece of furniture or accessories. Think of it as a way to “show the love” to your home in a way that will last far longer than flowers or candy.

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