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Coronas for a Royal Wedding & Bedroom Furniture

All royal watchers are hoping to have the best view of Kate Middleton as she walks down the aisle to take her place in history as the future Queen of England. I remember viewing the procession of Lady Diana and Prince Charles many years ago, as I had become recently engaged and was totally enthralled about all things relating to weddings.

There has been much speculation about Kate’s bridal attire, as well as to the crown jewels which might complete the adornment of her ensemble.

Photography by Whitney Gray

It could be imagined that Kate would spend the evening, before or after her monumental day, in a stately bedroom fitted with the most beautiful of bed dressings.  She could even be dreaming, under a crown, of what life married to a Prince will be like.

To me, there is nothing more magnificent than a lovely corona, (also referred to as a crown or coronet), pulling together yards of luscious fabrics to create a restful, sleeping cocoon.  I took a peek at 1st Dibbs and spied a few special pieces to share with you.  (Click on the highlighted link to enjoy.)  If you aren’t familiar with 1st Dibbs, it’s a special site, chock full of interior treasures, just waiting for the right person to come along to say, “I do.”  It could be a design marriage made in heaven, so to speak.

Not too long ago, a client’s bedroom furniture project seemed to be the perfect fit for applying a corona treatment, as shown in the accompanying photo.  I found a lovely, new piece, complete with all of the necessary hardware for installation.  An antiquing glaze was applied to give it a softened patina.  Due to the placement of the windows, and with the back wall being the best one to house a king-sized bed, the window treatments needed to remain out-of-the-way.  If the bed had stood alone, the room would have been lacking in some height elements and the grandeur it deserved.  There was a barrel ceiling and a wall of drapery panels to be considered in creating the final balance.

The client loved the end results!  For this designer, whenever there is blissful beauty in the union between function and form . . . they will live happily ever!

Let us know with your comments what you think of the corona treatment for a bedroom canopy.

Interior Design by Wanda S. Horton

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