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Sugar Easter Eggs Creations Embody Season

When I was a kid, I loved Easter. My earliest memories are of big chocolate bunnies and an ample basket of jelly beans and all manner of gooey, but delectable, candy. And there was always the sugar egg to peer into to view a scene with bunnies and chicks. Of course, as I got older, church was an important part of every Easter. I couldn’t wait to march into a front pew (we were always so directed in my family) in the little flower-pot of a hat that I just adored. A new spring coat and lovely wool suit were also part of the ensemble.

©Wendi Schneider for Lindemeyer Productions Inc.

My neighbor, Joanne, has brought back my Easter memories by gifting me with some of her incredible sugar egg creations. Joanne is a lawyer and a busy wife and mother, but she loves to share her creative activities. I’ve kept several of her enchanting sugar eggs on display over the years and they always take center stage on my holiday dining room table.

Of course, we also color eggs using natural dyes. Try a “do it yourself” approach that will wow the children by using tumeric for your brightest eggs. Tumeric makes the most glorious shade of yellow! I add these dyed eggs to my collection of brightly-painted wooden eggs. The combination makes for a colorful and joyous table.

Bring home a little flat of grass from the florist or market, place it at the center of the table and surround it with your own egg creations or collectibles for a stunning decoration. There are dozens of ways to show off your Easter eggs. Happy Spring to all!

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