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Adventures in Living – Create West Coast Style with Trilogy Furniture

In the 1920’s the world was landing at Hollywood’s doorstep — and with the movie talent also came artisans, architects and craftsmen, bringing to Los Angeles a unique landscape of homes.

Among the most famous was the clean, modern work of Richard Neutra, who came to America from Vienna. Neutra had a philosophy that works for any home: focus on the needs of his clients and the art and comfort of the dwelling. He invested a craftsmanship in his homes that defined America at mid-century.

Trilogy Sawhorse Desk

If you are investing in classic West Coast modernism for your way of living, you’ll look for furntiure with clean lines, beautifully made, and with a distinctive heritage. There is music in the details, poetry in the function, and glamour in the whole. It expresses a sophistication as popular today as it was when new — in a star-studded landscape of stone and stucco.

  • You will want to select each piece of furniture not only for function but for form — and for being easy to live with. It’s important never to have to “live up” to your home — but have your home welcome you with the best vibe you can create.
  • “Hectic” is a word often applied to the pace of urban life, but to create a city-bound landscape in your own home, you have the wonderful pleasure of selecting furnishings that breathe fresh air. Hooker’s Trilogy collection promises just such an experience. Many pieces — open-back dining chairs, side tables with architectural spaces — afford open-air luxury. After the daily commute, you’ll appreciate the soft contours of upholstered chairs and sofas that bespeak the same tranquility.
  • One can’t help noting the European influences in the Trilogy collection.  A motif in many pieces is the circular inlay in the veneers of chest drawers and other pieces, combining mellow tones of wood. Like many classic West Coast designs, its impact is at once subtle and definite.
  • “Less is more” — certainly many of us would agree as we consider the power of detail in furnishing a home. Having a desk like the Trilogy Sawhorse Desk that an architect might choose, perfectly expresses the casual idiom of the West Coast.  Utility is important — but so is grace in appearance. Choosing pedestal tables for dining and occasionals is both classic and carefree. Savoring space is a hallmark of the style — and at the same time, it has its own manner of expression: thoughtful, with a purpose.

You may live far from the glamour of filmland and the commanding cliffs of the Pacific — but the style that spoke of home to the stars is as luxurious today as it was when Neutra constructed his houses in dramatic terraced levels in the Hollywood hills — with its roots in the past and its sights on the future. And putting in a DVD of a smashing black-and-white film like Casablanca in the Trilogy entertainment console just might make your day.

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