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Furniture Trends: Lots to Love!

If you’ve never been to a High Point Furniture Market, it’s difficult to describe how exciting it is. Turn me loose during furniture market, and I’m like a kid in a candy store! There are splashes of color, texture, patterns, and tons of cool accessories that make me want to redecorate every room in my house. It’s such a fun experience, that feeling like you’re walking through the pages of your favorite home décor magazine. I want to surround myself with all of these beautiful things that seem to have “me” written all over them.

Moccato Collection

Some of the trends from this past spring’s High Point Market are a great mix of drama and color. Don’t get me wrong — going for drama doesn’t mean your bedroom needs to look like Lady Gaga lives there. When it comes to furniture, drama does not have to be fussy; it can simply be a piece that adds some excitement or elegance to your room.

Take Hooker Furniture’s “Moccato” collection — the bed is high on romantic appeal and presence, but it’s totally functional as well. You can see yourself living with it. And I love the trend we see here of warm, refined wood finishes where you can actually see the grain.

One of the neatest pieces in the Moccato collection is the square cocktail table with a functional lift top, offering a place to hide the remotes, video games or other ‘works in progress.’ The lift top also can provide a perfect surface for snacking or computing. Since Moccato is new to retail stores, Hooker Furniture is celebrating by offering a contest to win one of these tables. You can enter through June 30.

One of the other trends I saw at the High Point Market that I’m happy about is that we are starting to see some real color in the showrooms now. Some of my favorites are the plum-like purple, as well as bright turquoise and a bunch of natural greens. (Actually, I was so inspired by some of the showrooms that I decided to redo my master bedroom in dark greys, white, and that plum color. It’s gawwgeous! Hello!)

All of the greens I’m seeing give a subconscious connection to nature and the outdoors, which points to another trend — ecofriendly design. I’ll save this topic for my next blog though, so come back soon!

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