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Desk & Décor – The New Work Space: Planning a Home Office

Today, many more workers find that their daily commute is just steps to their home office. While home offices were once nooks in the kitchen or carved-out places in the family room or den, now there is more reason than ever to have an organized and efficient space for home office furniture and equipment.

Here are steps to consider when planning your office to get the best results.

• Determine your space.
How much room is needed to accomplish your tasks? Measure that against the space available in your home. A whole room would be ideal, but more often than not, you’ll find that part of a room will accommodate a home office computer desk easily. Hooker Furniture, for example, has developed a number of compact but highly functional small home office solutions.

Brookhaven Small Office

• Consider privacy. Set up shop well away from the family’s traffic pattern and the entertainment center of the home. While you want your office to be part of your home, you will need peace and quiet, and it’s best to think about it before you turn into a “shush” machine.

• Take inventory.
What equipment do you have now – or plan to acquire in the near future? A good office plan includes these considerations. Does your work require substantial file keeping or other storage, say maps or patterns? Wall space may be another consideration, as well as how many units you’ll need for furniture, desk and file systems.

• Flexibility is important. You may want to close up shop when the workspace takes on other functions in the home. The computer cabinet or armoire is the perfect solution for such situations.  Voila, there are no papers or computers to be seen when guests arrive – or when you want to say the workday is over.

• Consider environment.
You want to work in pleasing circumstances. One advantage of working at home is being able to avoid the “rabbit-hutch” open plans in many offices.  Is there a window nearby with a view of the garden? Is the lighting good? Consider what makes you comfortable – you’ll be better at the tasks you set for yourself.

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