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Tips for Game Day TV Parties!

It’s playoff season-are you prepared?  You’re making your famous bean dip and 50 “pigs in a blanket,”  but what will really impress your friends is your TV viewing room! Whether you watch the game in your living room, den , or man cave on your home entertainment center furniture, make sure you follow these easy tips to ensure the best possible football viewing experience!

Choose the right size

Folks, size really does matter in this scenario.  Buy a TV too large and you’ll overpower the room.  Buy a TV too small and your guests will strain to see the action.  First, determine roughly how far away you will be sitting from the screen.  Then, refer to the handy chart below to determine the minimum and maximum size TV appropriate for your space.

Chart courtesy of Amazon.com

Choose an Entertainment Center that Meets your Needs

If you have a lot of components, you’ll want to look for an entertainment console with plenty of storage.  Take careful measurements to ensure the equipment will fit.

Hooker Furniture Legends Entertainment Console

Consider installing an infrared remote control sensor.  These small sensors can be used in an enclosed TV console, or even in a different room! By doing this, you are broadening your options with entertainment center furniture, as you are no longer forced to look at consoles with openings or glass partitions for components.

For one of the best selections of home entertainment center furniture, hop on over to Hookerfurniture.com, and visit your nearest retailer. Currently, Hooker Furniture is offering a $100 Cash Rebate on selected TV consoles. Not only are the options beautiful, but also functional.

Make Sure the TV Can Easily be Seen by All

Avoid placing the TV directly across from a window.  The glare from the sun will impede ideal TV viewing.

Make sure every person in the room can view the screen comfortably.  Test this by trying each seat out yourself! If you are unable to clearly and comfortably see the screen, consider adjusting the furniture placement, or moving the TV to a different location.

Now, go enjoy game day with some greasy food and your closest friends and family!

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