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Easter Splendor in Dining Room Furniture

One of the things I love most about Easter is its sense of splendor. It’s a special time of year when everyone and everything gets decked out and dressed up. Whether you’re a girl, a boy, or an egg—if you stand still long enough, you’ll eventually be wearing a new pastel outfit.

My childhood memories of Easter are all about family gatherings and eating. Sure, most of it was eating chocolate bunny ears I snuck from my Easter basket. But I also fondly recall Easter lunches where we all sat down together at my aunt’s large dining room table. While I’m sure the table was beautifully decorated—what I remember most vividly were the special ‘bunny dishes’ my aunt had just for us kids.

Beatrix Potter Bunnykins china

Back then, we were content because nothing made you feel more grown up than having your own place setting. Only now as an adult can I appreciate the beauty and value of the Beatrix Potter Bunnykins bone china she entrusted us with.

It’s funny how memories come back as images. It makes me think more about my dining room and the memories I’m creating there with my family. Now I’ll be the first to admit that my dining room table is usually covered with half-finished craft projects and paperwork. But holidays are special and I need to make the time to spruce up the dining room for these occasions.

When I daydream about updating my dining room, I start with the furniture. I’ve narrowed it down to two choices: either Primrose Hill or Summerglen.

Summerglen dining room

Both collections have painted finishes, which I adore. To me, a cream or white finish on wood furnishings is the epitome of relaxed elegance. Add in some natural wood tones or another painted finish and it starts to look like home.

Primrose Hill dining room

I love that the Summerglen collection has both ladder-back and spindle-back dining chairs—I wonder how they’d look mixed together at one table?

If I went with Primrose Hill, the hardest part would be deciding which serving piece to choose. I really like the Counter Console with Organizer Hutch in the lovely Garden Grove finish. Yet, I could also see the 5-Drawer Cupboard fitting in nicely with my existing décor—and it offers lots of hidden storage for table linens and serving pieces. Maybe I could use the Cupboard in the dining room and squeeze the Counter Console into my kitchen.

The only question now is, where to store the bunny dishes…

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  • England Furniture April 10, 2012, 6:51 pm

    Elegant furniture. Thanks for showing an example of rustic wood furnishings and how they can add beauty to your dining room. Good read.

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