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A New Kind of Spring Cleaning

When I hear ‘Spring Cleaning’ here is what comes to mind: washing windows, organizing closets, and clearing out the garage. No fun, and definitely not exciting. But maybe, just maybe, there’s a better way. Maybe this year ‘Spring Cleaning’ should mean cleaning up our decorating act. And for this, I am excited.

It’s easy to get a little complacent with home decor. We get busy with life’s demands and suddenly watching HGTV is as close to actual home improvement as we get. Just as the areas of our homes that need cleaning are the ones that have been neglected—the spaces most in need of decorating help are the ones that have been ignored.

The Classique Scroll Chest from Melange

So let’s toss out the idea that you have to redo an entire room to be happy. Over the years I’ve learned that little changes can make a big impact.

Accent furniture provides an excellent way to refresh a space. Take for example a foyer or entryway where adding a new console and mirror can change the way people see your home. Suddenly the first impression your interior makes is fresher and more appealing. One of my favorite pieces for a foyer is the Classique Scroll Chest from the Mélange collection.

This is a chest that would feel ‘at-home’ in almost everyone’s home. It’s traditional in shape yet feels updated. It’s neutral, but not boring. And it offers a twist of the unexpected: three beautiful drawers lined with a stunning patterned wallpaper.

I’d pair it with a round or oval mirror and a soft taupe or blue-gray wall color. Leave the accessories simple and monochromatic and you have a casually sophisticated entry.

For a more fun and funky vibe, I’d choose the Retro Striped Accent Chest.

Retro Striped Accent Chest

This is a piece that makes people take notice. Its hand-painted finish features colored stripes ranging from clay red to olive green, with a bit of golden yellow, all popping off a cream background. It has an intriguing shape and sensational curves. I’d display it in a foyer on a classic black-and-white checkered floor with a neutral wall color and crisp white trim. Then add just a few books or a piece of sculpture to accessorize. Lastly, hang a mirror with a wide, black or red frame, or find some inspiring artwork from this color palette to display.

The beauty of this new type of ‘Spring Cleaning’ is that it’s just as rewarding as the traditional kind—and way more fun!

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