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Easter Childhood Memories of Bunny S’mores

My grandmother was always the consumate hostess with her menus and table settings calculated down to the the tiniest of details.  Planning for our family’s Easter celebration was one of the occasions she happily anticipated as she pulled out her finery of Gorham’s Buttercup silver and her Wedgewood Wild Strawberry china.  She even had a collection of crystal salt wells and spoons, as well as some beautiful, crystal knife rests.  Her table always sparkled with her various collections.

As a little girl, my mother made sure I had a special outfit, to include a new pair of white patent leather shoes and ruffled socks.  If time permitted, my dress was made with smocking, embroidery and even a matching cotton voile apron.  (You can understand where my attention to dressmaker details originated.)  Of course, every proper little girl had a crinoline petticoat to add some flounce to the edge of her dress!

On one particular Easter, I had been totally entrenched in Girl Scouts and in learning about outdoor life.  During the previous fall my older cousins, who were both Eagle Scouts, had demonstrated how to make S’mores around a campfire.  I carefully paid attention to every element of proper campfire building and couldn’t wait for the reward of a tasty, sugary treat.  It just stood to reason, in my young mind, that I should be able to replicate said campfire and share my expertise in S’more-making with my family.  After all, I had a slew of chocolate-covered marshmallow bunnies and my grandmother always had graham crackers.

I’ll just shorten the rest of this tale and not recap every detail of scenes of mad dashes to the water faucet to prevent the adjacent woodland property from becoming a three alarm fire.  My mother still shakes her head, to this day, when she remembers what my outfit looked like.  I’m not sure if it embarassed her more that I looked like a chimney sweep or that she was the leader of my Girl Scout troop!  It’s amazing how time brings forth humor.

So . . . what’s the take-a-way from this story?  1.  It’s probably a good idea to try new recipes before the day of your special dinners.  – And – 2.  Even when an attempt to create something goes awry, you might want to take notes because it could be the next big thing!  Bunny S’mores!  Who knew?

Happy Easter, Everyone!

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