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Welcome Summer with Tangerine Tango Furniture

The recent Memorial Day weekend has ushered in summer, and sunny skies are here to stay (or so we hope)! If your home is in need of a sunny punch of color, then you’re in luck. The bright sky and vibrant summer colors of the outdoors are mirrored in the latest trends in the home furnishings industry. The days of dark colors and intricate patterns have been replaced with fresh, fun pops of vibrantly-hued shades!

It’s no wonder that Pantone has identified “Tangerine Tango” as the 2012 color of the year. This bold and fun color has been popping up everywhere-from clothing to decorations to furniture! Don’t be afraid of this bright, bold color- no matter what your style may be, there are endless ways to incorporate this color into your home.

Orange leather looks rich on wing chairs

If you desire a large, solid jolt of this color, consider using a beautiful leather wing-back chair like these from Bradington-Young.

The traditional wing chair has been updated with straight legs, a modern silhouette and fashionable nailhead trim.  A pair of these chairs will certainly provide some spunk in your living area!

Do you have a boring beige sofa that needs a little spice, but aren’t sold on the idea of using bold and solid orange fabric or leather? Try a more subtle pattern that incorporates the use of this beautiful tangerine color in a softer way.

Orange can be incorporated in softer patterns

This gorgeous petite chair from Sam Moore provides just the right dose of orange, paired with earthy greens and blues, to add a little color in a non-threatening way.  The Oriental rug-inspired pattern breaks up a boring “builder beige” room without looking too heavy.

Concerned about using Tangerine Tango on an entire piece of furniture, but looking to add a pop of color to an existing piece in your home? The solution is easy! Simply use a few accent pillows to brighten up the room.

Pretty paisley kidney pillows add visual interest to these linen-colored slipper chairs

I loved the combination of tangerine accent pillows on a solid gray Sam Moore sectional so much that I thought I’d give it a try!

This is me trying out a cozy tangerine pillow on a gray sectional

At the recent High Point Market, I was pleasantly surprised to see this new combination of gray and orange popping up on furniture introductions.

Whether the style of your home is traditional, contemporary or casual, there is always room for some extra color! Pantone is spot-on by naming Tangerine Tango as the color of the year. This shade has proven to be not only beautiful, but comfy and cozy as well.I can personally vouch for that!

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