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A Sea of Blue Brought to You

There is nothing more relaxing and enjoyable than taking a trip to the coast and staying at a cozy beach bungalow with family and friends. Owning and decorating a beach house is a luxury not everyone can afford, but you can easily bring the beach to your own home—even if it’s far from the seaside. Hooker Furniture’s coastal cottage collection, Harbour Pointe, brings the vintage beach look to your home in fresh, light colors. I’ve put together some ways to create the perfect coastal-themed living room using the Harbour Pointe collection.

When decorating a living room, choosing a focal point is important. Be sure to work around this piece and only place items in the room that will complement it. In this case, I think using the sectional as the focal point would be a good choice because comfort is key to coastal decor. The sectional from Harbour Pointe in the Lindy Natural fabric is a great starting point. The upholstery fabric closely resembles the color of sand—how perfect!

Blue is a popular choice of color when furnishing and decorating a beach house. When decorating your home in a coastal cottage theme, choosing earth-tones, sands and browns with a contrasting color– such as blue– can really give your home an organic feel. Accent the sectional sofa with some comfy throw pillows in the fabulous blue Spicer Lapis fabric to make it very inviting. Strategically place ottomans in a blue hue around the room for some added comfort.

Transform your living room into a beach-themed getaway with a sand-colored upholstered sectional sofa, blue ikat patterned ottomans, and a rustic white cocktail table and entertainment console. Together they work in harmony to create a relaxing environment.

A relaxing coastal living room

Along with the essential furniture pieces, another way to bring the coast to your home is with accessories. Buy a large glass lamp and fill it with seashells—the seashells are easy to find in bulk at little beach shops.  A lovely white sailboat on a sofa table would make a great conversation piece. Strategically place some blue glass bottles on a shelf or use a blue lamp base with a large white lamp shade to tie in the blue theme.

Blue glass bottles on a shelf make a great accessory

It may not be in the plans for you to decorate a beach house anytime soon, but with Hooker Furniture’s Harbour Pointe collection and some simple accessories, the beach can brought to your house!

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  • Joan Waddell July 13, 2012, 4:39 pm

    Hooker has so many pieces that work at the beach! I’m in love with the Rafferty Console. Featured it on my blog post “Seaside Cottage of my Dreams!”

  • Kim Shaver July 16, 2012, 11:45 pm

    Joan, thanks for the compliment AND for featuring our Rafferty console in your seaside cottage of your dreams

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