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English Colors Get Cool in Time for Summer Olympics

First there was the royal wedding. As an exciting encore, the 2012 Summer Olympics open today in London.

These are just two delightful reasons to celebrate the ideal of all things English. To create the lighthearted, refined mood befitting an English-styled home, surround yourself with cool, water color tints right out of a misty English garden.

English color palette inspired by gardens

The soft, cool English color palette that comes right out of English gardens has the added benefit of exuding a serene, peaceful feeling that lowers your emotional temperature in the hottest days of summer.

English gardens offer, cool, soft colors

These hues we call “pastel” and the English call “fondant” are lovely contrasting with dark cherry and mahogany-hued woods…or with whitewashed and pale woods such as those in the Primrose Hill collection by Hooker Furniture, a collection inspired by the famous Primrose Hill landmark overlooking a fashionable village near London.The kind of English color combinations in Primrose Hill will update your traditional furniture style with a look that is fresh and young.

Soft pastel colors romance light woods

Neutrals with a few pops of soft color offer a welcome respite from the summer heat, as seen in this Primrose Hill sofa and Primrose Hill coffee table.

Primrose Hill sofa & table

Entertain English style by inviting family and friends over for a lighthearted celebration that’s got a bit more sophistication than the usual hot dog barbecue. A classic English tea with sweet and savory delicacies from your local bakery, a brunch (hearty English breakfast style) or cocktails (what the English call a “drinks party”) would be just the thing.

Behr Paints had just such an occasion in mind when developing a sparkling palette called “Tea Party.” Behr uses Minty Frosting to ice the kitchen wall and Sugar Pool on the dining room walls.  A taste of First Peach adds warmth and tints of lilac in Queen’s Tart and Violet Water add an airy dimension.

Behr Paints offers sparkling “Tea Party” palette

Did you know your heartbeat may slow and your blood pressure go down when you’re surrounded by soft hues of blue?  Create a peaceful garden ambiance in your bedroom with flower tints like Lobelia from Sherwin Williams.

Soft blues slow the heartbeat

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