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A New Look for Your Foyer – Part II

Foyers can range in size from compact to grand, but the importance of entryways – to both you and your guests – can hardly be overstated. After all, foyers are the place where you say some of the most important “hellos” and “goodbyes” in your life. Foyers say “welcome home” to you each day and “welcome in” to your guests and family members.

Get creative in making a good first impressionwith some of these latest trends in hall table and console furniture. Just about as classic as a console, the hall table directing foot traffic is a standard entryway item. But here are three hall table versions that are welcome variations on a theme:

Trilogy drop leaf table

1. Urban and contemporary, this drop leaf table is a style setter. You’ll say a lot about your decorating pedigree with this selection. There are leaves that can take on yeoman duties at holiday time, perhaps in the family room. Large brass vases or a display of oversized candlesticks will make this table even more impressive. For fall festivities, a huge wooden vessel of bright red apples is a perfect complement. (And grabbing a healthy snack as you go out the door is not a bad idea either.) Woven baskets filled with dried grasses is yet another idea to keep the table working at the welcome-home theme.

2. A half round-to-round table; can you imagine anything more convenient than this Sanctuary 48-inch table?

Sanctuary 48-inch table

Place one round in the middle of the entryway if you have the room. Or use it against the wall for a smaller foyer and still get the gentle curves that are always appealing. Being flexible is a mantra of living today and this table surely gives you that. When in the half round position, it might welcome several dining chairs that do extra duty for those stopping to tug on or off a boot. And if you need a spot for that tea service you love but don’t get to use that often, this just might be the place.

3. This carved bamboo console table is a unique piece that’s going to make your foyer unique as well.

Carved bamboo console table

Made from crushed bamboo, it takes the console table into a new realm.  The carving reminds one of the stately homes of Britain–as delicate and lacy as traditional fretwork. Imagine a tray of cups of hot chocolate at the ready when carolers come this Yuletide. Or above the table, imagine a framed piece of patchwork or other heritage fabric that’s been in the family for years. And if you have in-house artists, the carving might inspire an appropriate frame. The traditionalist in you will find lots of inspiration for decorating around this piece.

4. Settees and benches: If  you have the space, benches are gracious ways to adorn a foyer or entryway. A high back settee with wooden arms and legs like this Sam Moore Giselle settee is an ideal selection because it is not too “living-room” heavy. It’s surely traditional to have seating in the foyer, but you can make it suit your lifestyle with fabric selections that are an invitation to the rest of your decor. Be as bold or conservative as your heart desires…and add cushions for extra comfort and flair.

Sam Moore’s Giselle settee

Also from Sam Moore, this city-style bench upholstered in leather is a practical addition to a home where there is a lot of child traffic. It is just as at home for a single’s pad or a couple’s cozy bungalow.

Sam Moore Manhattan bench

Sum: There are so many options to revive the look of the first place friends see when they step into the house. Learn to enjoy this space again. It’s a decorating challenge that’s easily accomplished in just a few steps.

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