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How to Add the Glam of Emerald at Home

Emerald Aisles

In case you haven’t heard, emerald green is the new “it” color. Pantone has officially decreed emerald as its 2013 Color of the Year. So this dramatic shade will soon be popping up in aisle after aisle of retail establishments—from fashion to furniture and home goods. While last year’s color (Tangerine Tango) offered a fresh, tropical flair, this year’s emerald hue is all about old-world glam.

When it comes to emerald, it’s no coincidence we think of its namesake gemstone. Emeralds bring to mind royalty and sophistication and an abundance of wealth. Pantone describes the hue as: “Lively. Radiant. Lush… A color of elegance and beauty that enhances our sense of well-being, balance and harmony.”

Bringing emerald into your home design can be complex. If you love the shade and are feeling bold—by all means, jump in. But if you’re like the rest of us, you may be looking for a way to incorporate this hot new shade without big risk. Here are three strategies for bringing emerald into your home:

1. Start small. Embrace this big, bold color in a small way. Begin with just one piece—a throw pillow, a few accents or a new fabric that features emerald. It’s a great way to dip your toe in and test the water. If you love the way it looks, you can add more; and if you don’t, you’re not out a lot of time or money.

2. Consider color combinations. As powerful and dramatic as emerald is, it needs a strong counterpart in a room. Plan how emerald can work in your décor by choosing the perfect partner. Emerald looks bold and beautiful when paired with black, white, or both. To tone emerald green down, choose furnishings with warm wood finishes. And to dress it up and show it off to its full potential, add some bling to emerald and couple it with silver, gold and mirrored surfaces such as in the accent furniture pieces below.

Sheridan chest in silver leaf finish

Melange Villa Blanca chest

3. Explore other shades of green. If you like green, but emerald just isn’t your shade—there are plenty of other choices. Acid green, lime green, and leaf green are also very on-trend right now, and are typically more easily integrated into a décor scheme, as you see in these chests, consoles and living room accent tables from the Melange Collection below.

Midori chest from Melange

Paisley Accent Chest

This whimsical vintage Mollie accent table with its teardrop table edge, is especially fun.

Mollie accent table

Lastly, to get you excited about emerald, here’s a look at some of Pantone’s color mood boards that show how to use this dynamic shade.

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