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Is your home office inspired?

Working at home brings its own set of challenges – distractions lurk around every corner. I’ve found that it is essential to have my own space … One where I can feel inspired while being removed from the rest of the world.

For me, surrounding myself with beautiful things is the key to letting the inspiration flow.

The first step to creating a serene home office is finding the perfect desk–one with character, charm and functionality that will release my creative muse.

Rhapsody writing desk

Hooker Furniture has the perfect desk to anchor your home office – no matter what your style.

With colder temperatures outside, I find my eye drawn to heavier furniture and darker wood tones … like those one might see in an upscale cabin or farm house. The new Rhapsody Collection from Hooker Furniture is perfect for this look.

The classic but casual Rhapsody home office

Creating a feeling of rustic opulence, I love the swirling base of the Rhapsody Writing Desk. Pair it with serene mountain views and crisply falling snow, and inspiration would never be lacking.

If you prefer a softer, lighter feel, Hooker Furniture’s new Chic Coterie collection may be the perfect fit for you.

Chic Coterie writing desk

I adore the softness of the baroque-styled base – it’s feminine without being over-the-top frilly. And the Posh Brown finish is the perfect kind of neutral … the kind that creates an atmosphere of serenity. Ideal for an office environment, this writing desk would be complemented perfectly by a neutral accent chair like the Hamlin Wing Chair by Sam Moore.

Hamlin wing chair

For the ultimate feminine touch, I’ve found two fabulous options from Hooker’s Mélange Collection.

Fluted kidney desk

Look at how the Fluted Kidney Desk almost shimmers in the sunlight! It exudes glamour and polish, while remaining functionally modern. It would be complimented perfectly by a curvaceous chaise lounge.

Alexis Writing Desk

I think the Alexis Writing Desk has the perfect touch of whimsy. Pair it with a Lucite arm chair and Sherpa rug, and you have the beginnings of my perfect office space. Whimsical, light and full of possibilities. My laptop and I could have hours of writing fun here.

If you prefer a cleaner look, Mélange still has the perfect look for you.

Architectural Writing Desk

The Architectural Writing Desk features clean lines and no-fuss styling … yet its beauty lies in simplicity. The elegant lines of this desk present no distraction from your work – just a clean slate from which to find inspiration.

Whether your perfect retreat is elegant or relaxed, whimsical or rustic, you can certainly find the beginnings of your perfect home office with Hooker Furniture. What are some of your favorite pieces?

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  • Ari Z February 26, 2013, 8:46 pm

    I really like how the Fluted Kidney Desk almost doubles as a side table. It’s shape and minimal hardware make it almost look like it isn’t a desk, which can make a great decorative addition to a living area. If you do need to utilize the workspace, just pull up a chair.

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