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How to create magical Easter Bunny footprints

The first “official” day of Spring has come and gone, and Easter is {literally} just around the corner.

Have you prepared your little ones for the arrival of Peter Cottontail?

With a few tools and a little preparation, I’d like to share one of the most magical Easter secrets I’ve ever witnessed in person.

Bunny Prints

My mother is the most amazing mother I ever could have asked for.

Now I know what you’re thinking, but you’re wrong. My mom is actually the best mom of all. Case in point ~ Santa still manages to bring holiday pajamas and Christmas movies to my (grown) siblings and me on Christmas Eve. She manages to infuse all family activities with an element of whimsy. And several years ago, after my youngest sister had left for college, she adopted a brilliant idea:

Easter. Bunny. Footprints.

Since there were no longer any children at home to awake to the wonder of footprints left by the Easter Bunny himself, she found several children in the neighborhood to surprise. And on that first Easter morning after her idea was born, she heard the delightful stories of surprised parents at church (who knew it just had to be Ms. Diane who left the prints) who called to their children upon discovery of the footprints:   “Come look outside! The Easter Bunny has been here!” And little girls and boys squealed with glee.

easter bunny

So how do you make your very own Easter Bunny Footprints? It’s really pretty simple. Using a piece of poster board, you can create a footprint pattern by drawing first a large circle about 6” in diameter for the large part of the foot, topped by three smaller circles to create the Easter Bunny’s toes. You then can use a variety of materials to create a nice Easter Bunny foot path down the sidewalk and up to the doors of childrens’ homes everywhere. Mom found that she liked cornstarch the best, but you can also use sidewalk chalk or eco-friendly craft paint. Your final results will look something like this:

Bunny Prints crop

I hope that your Easter season is truly filled with love and family, and the sound of children marveling at the sight of Easter Bunny Footprints everywhere.

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