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Freshening up your home for 2014

With the New Year in full force, many people are embarking on home decorating projects to update their home and give it a fresh lease on life. Making your home feel more bright and new can be the best way to have a change without having to move, and it can have an extremely positive impact on many aspects of your life.

If you want to update a space in your house and make it instantly feel more fresh and airy, we’ve compiled some ideas for you:

1. Use a different, bold accent color

If you’ve never been particularly brave with color before, there’s never a better opportunity to change than when looking to make a room feel fresh and new. Some amazing colors that have arrived in 2014 with full force include turquoise – we love this Three Drawer Turquoise Chest from Hooker Furniture for a splash of accent furniture color that most everyone loves.

A small furniture accent can give needed splash of color.

A small furniture accent can give needed splash of color.

Or, this sparkly boysenberry-colored Hexagonal Table with its delicate geometric cut out pattern design offers a sophisticated and fun pop of color to your room.

Boysenberry anyone?

Boysenberry anyone?

If you don’t want an accent overload, stick to using the color on classic pieces like armchairs and sofas or coffee tables for a bit of added interest without being too much. A bold, focus wall is also the best (and cheapest) way to implement this trend.

2. Ditch dated details

This is your chance to ditch or renovate those certain elements that you’ve had forever. Anything from dingy kitchen cabinets (which can relatively easily be painted for a fresh look) to dated bathroom tips all need to go to bring your spaces into the present. You don’t have to necessarily go out and buy all new furniture. (Though we are tempted by these dining furniture collections).

3. Upcycle.

Consider ‘up cycling’ more expensive, bulky items or ones that you simply don’t have the heart to get rid of. A lick of paint or new upholstery can work wonders on plain, old chairs and tables for instance. You could even get a bit more creative and experiment with stencils for interesting and unique patterns on plain surfaces, too.

Paint or stencil a piece of furniture to give it new life.

Paint or stencil a piece of furniture to give it new life.

4. Use natural elements.

Use all of the natural elements at your disposal for an instant, easy refurb to make your room feel airy and current. The main component for this is your room’s source of natural light. Keep your windows unobstructed and clean for optimum light into your home. If your windows have seen better days, or you would like something more modern like UPVC windows, check out options at sites like www.anglianhome.co.uk. You could even opt for colored window frames to create a quirky, modern appeal. Use other natural elements like solid wooden furniture and rattan to add to this further.

5. Mix elements from different cultures

Paying homage to design from all over the world can have an amazing effect on your space. You could go for European elegance with rich mahogany tables, clean lines and dark walls, or go for something more further afield. We love the trend that is growing ever more popular that embraces pieces with a Moroccan twist, like these beautiful ornate room dividers:

Using one of these in a French inspired, sophisticated monochrome room is sure to add class and elegance, for example.

Borrowing from another ancient culture is this Athenia Accent Table, which uses the ancient Greek key motif in a current and fun way in the base of this accent table topped with antiqued mirror surface to add unexpected elegance.

Athenia Accent Table

Athenia Accent Table

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