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Creative Coddling for Mom

A sparkly accent table like the Luna can wake up a room

It’s hard to talk about how important a good mom is without using clichés. But there’s no role more important, and no job has a more far-reaching impact on individuals and on the world. Probably the most practical thing we can do for moms is to encourage them and help them to balance work and life, take care of their kids (and their own elderly moms), their health, and the like. But on the fun side, let’s also take the opportunity this Mother’s Day to coddle the VIP moms in our lives with a few special indulgences. (Chances are, they’ve been waaaaay too busy doing for others to pamper themselves!) Along with the popular thrill of fresh flowers from the florist or supermarket, I’m looking at these little cuties to help pamper mom (And I’m hoping my near and dear take a hint, too!)

I can’t read music, but the legs of the Luna Accent Table above somehow remind me of treble clefs. Pretty romantic, especially with the sophisticated silvery finish. My elegant cello-playing sister comes to mind. A gift that can be handed down rings my chimes, too.

Stress relief body lotion from Bath & Body Works

What mom isn’t stressed-out at least some of the time, even if (or maybe because) she is devoted to being the best mom ever? If she’ll take the time, gift her with a professional massage; if not, give her a D-I-Y version and add this aromatherapy treat. Stress Relief body lotion from Bath & Body Works helps a body cool out with eucalyptus and spearmint.

This Moroccan-inspired bench is accented with nailhead trim

Does a mom in your life bring the fun and love the exotic? If she’s like my best friend, she’ll thrill to a high-style little ottoman for instant extra seating — or for those rare times she gets to put her feet up. In fabric or leather, this Moroccan-inspired bench comes in fabric or leather, and I love that it’s sparked with metal studs.

The Easy Up Kneeler cushions knees, helps you up.

Moms of all ages love to garden, but it can be a little tough on the body. This Easy Up kneeler from Improvements.com cushions the knees and offers a little help getting up. Why not give your green-thumb gal a practical gift like this, along with a blooming flat of her favorite annuals? (Every practical gift should go along with a pretty one, I think.

Real crushed shells give gleam to Clover Accent Table

Does your mother just glow? Is she a classic without being stuffy? I’m always drawn to Gothic motifs like this trefoil (three-leaf) Clover Accent Table. Real crushed shells create the subtle gleam on its surface. How cool is that?

Orange and Ginger Body Mist Offers Burst of Energy

I’m not ashamed to admit I love anything pink, but when it comes to scents, I much prefer those in the orange family. I can always use a little more energy, too. So the orange and ginger Energy body mist from Bath and Body Works was made for me. Hint, hint!

E-Charge Center Organizes Household Electronics

All those electronics bring home the world, but they also create a lot of clutter. And what mom hasn’t helped a frantic teen hunt for his or her lifeline, that is, phone? Solve the whole thing with a great-looking little charging cabinet like this. Finally, she can stash all those e-items that need recharging, out of sight. The phone’s not the only smart thing around here.

Trolley lightens load for shopping, travel

I walk everywhere I can, but my shoulders are getting pretty tired of schlepping a loaded purse, shopping bags and what-all. Add the inevitable kids’ coats and I’m done. If only I had a baby carriage for my stuff. I ran across this shopping trolley from Gold Violin. It not only comes in chic prints, it holds 20 pounds and folds down into a portfolio-type shape for easy storage or air travel. A lot better than driving around looking for closer parking at the mall. Cuter, too.

Microwaveable neck wrap

A pain in the neck is all in a day’s work for a lot of busy moms, so I’m always looking for solutions. An herbal neck wrap you can microwave is a nice choice (just don’t do what I did once and microwave a neck pillow with buckwheat in it. Smokin’ — and not in a good way.) But this neck support from Relax the Back is a step up. You could combine this with an aromatherapy candle and make Mom’s day.

This accent table sparkles, just like Mom.

A pretty accent table like the Kenmar Pedestal Table can really wake up a room. This silvery little treasure in wood with cool metallic finish has rounded corners so little ones can navigate around it safely. And it adds a little sparkle anywhere, just like mom.

Chic outdoor accent pillow from Elaine Smith

Colorful, slightly retro tropical birds make this outdoor pillow from Elaine Smith a real treat. I met Elaine a few years ago at a furniture show and was smitten with her chic accent pillows that are nice enough for indoors and tough enough for outdoors. They remind me of my favorite sisters-in-law; one a nurse and one a horsewoman.

Joli nesting ottomans add instant seating

I think this has “Mom” written all over it. Nesting ottomans add instant seating, and the big one holds the little one when not in use. Add a tray on top to catch spills, and it’s an instant end table. What a multi-tasker!

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