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Gifts from My Mother’s Garden

“In search of my Mother’s garden, I found my own.”

These beautiful words were written by Alice Walker and have always resonated with me, especially now that Mother’s Day is around the corner.

My own mother has been an avid gardener, taking hold of the yard in the house where she and my father still live when it was only filled with pine trees. I’ve watched, over the years, as natural areas and flower beds have been placed and replaced as new themes and color palettes emerged. Architectural pieces, bird baths, and planters have graced special spots and I learned one must never misplace her “special shovel.” My mother is a tiny woman with a formidable spirit when it comes to making things grow. In deciding what to give her for a Mother’s Day gift, I know if it relates to the garden, it’s as good as gold! I have found a lovely source for garden gifts, French Garden House.

Sharing the same passion for digging in the dirt allows us to always have something to share in a conversation.  We can talk at length about what we found at a garden center, share cuttings to add to our own respective beds, or just enjoy a lovely day sitting in the shade to take it all in.

While some areas are more formal, Mom has allowed for a cottage feel to take hold, in other parts.

I’ll admit, neither one of us are the world’s best at sitting when it comes to our outdoor spaces.  There’s always a weed to be plucked or a shrub to be pruned. A couple of springs ago, Mother’s garden beds were absolutely stunning and I got out my trusty camera to take a few pictures.  It had recently rained and everything was especially intense with color.  After seeing these pictures were better than I had imagined, I decided to put them into a book and I created copies for the both of us to enjoy.  I added special verses, relating to gardening, and my mother was absolutely thrilled to see her work “published!”  There are several online sites for doing this, and even if gardening isn’t of your mother’s interests, I’m sure there would be ways to include whatever they might be for a beautiful keepsake.

I used the site, Blurb, to create my mother’s personal book, “The Garden Path."

Whether or not you happen to be a master gardener, I feel Mother Nature has her hand in many of the experiences we enjoy in life. I invite you to come along for a garden tour, of sorts, and you may just be inspired for the perfect gift for Mom.  (Keep in mind those sisters, aunts, grandmothers, and friends who are of the nurturing type, too.)

Having a blue day doesn’t mean it’s a bad day when it comes to spending it in the garden!

Sources for the blue-themed photo collage above include: Sam Moore Cadence Chair, Wisteria, Campania Pottery)

Iberis – aka - Candytuft peeks out each year in Mom’s rock garden. Perennials give the garden longevity.

Whether it’s a tool for a green thumb, a stepping stone, or a beautiful chest, garden gifts are the best!

Sources for the spring garden-themed photo collage above include: Jardin Tool Box – French Garden House, Stepping Stone – Mom’s personal piece and Hooker Furniture Spring Garden Chest)

Like a welcoming garden gate, the Chevron Console welcomes into your living space.

The Chevron Console from  Hooker Furniture mimics the texture and shape of a garden gate, beckoning a “welcome” into your home.

Be it a tea party or a toast with champagne and strawberries, an outdoor setting provides Mom with the best “seat in the house”.

Sources from the garden party-themed photo collage above include: Outdoor Room Style Me Pretty, PhotographyEdyta and Sam Moore Vera Cube Ottomans

The years may have slowed my mother’s stride and her  ability to move mountains of soil. And, her direction may be more towards containers of flowers or patio tomatoes, but she still loves to putz around on a sunny day within the spaces of nature.  Her lessons, from the garden, have taught me so much:

  1. Plan for the future, and if an unexpected weed sprouts up, pull it up, toss it aside, and move on.
  2. Like plants, people thrive with sunshine, nurturing, and lots of water.
  3. Give new plants and people a chance.  What may not start out to be something of beauty can develop over time.
  4. Patience goes a long way with gardens and life.  Breathe.  Gardening is great therapy.
  5. Almost everyone loves flowers and garden produce.  Plant extra to give away.
  6. Always have the number of a good florist on hand.

My go-to local florist for Mother’s Day – August Lily!

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