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To Mom with Love — The Gift of Time

What do moms love most? The answer is always the same — spending time with loved ones. It has been said, after all, that LOVE is spelled T-I-M-E.

Cutting flowers in the garden together can be very meaningful, especially when you’ve planted some clips from mom’s special roses. Taking tea together, perhaps sharing excerpts from books you’ve always loved. These are special times you and your mom or you and your daughter will cherish. Mother’s Days are much more than one day a year—they are quiet times spent together. As you plan ways to honor mom, don’t forget to present her with this most precious gift of time. Here are some ways to inspire you.

Read With Tea: The wonderful tea master, John Harney, has been creating special teas for grand occasions for many years now. Not to be overlooked any time of the year is his Mother’s Bouquet.  But it is especially meaningful as we celebrate mom. A lovely blend of rosebuds, chamomile, cornflowers, and orange peel, the tea is also caffeine free. It takes just five minutes to brew as you seat mom.

What more perfect setting than this Wakefield round leg dining table?

A round table keeps dining intimate

The Wakefield has a refreshing taupe finish with cherry and pine wood undertones. The cottage-style table seats up to six, keeping your special time appropriately intimate.

Set mom’s place with a special bouquet, such as this one inspired by the work of Paula Pryke. Her book, Everyday Flowers: Flowers to Beautify and Decorate the Home is a treasure trove of ideas.

Everyday flowers add touches of grace to the home.

For a yummy to go with tea, Chef Charlie Palmer has created croissant French toast with fresh berries. Use day-old croissants for this stunningly delicious recipe as well as blueberries, strawberries, and blackberries. Charlie and his wife Lisa are the parents of four boys — who doubtless all love his cooking.

Books to consider reading together, one new and one a beloved classic: Anna Quindlen writes a memoir of a woman’s life in Lots of Candles, Plenty of Cake. One reviewer called it “full of curiosity and a zest for life.” Anna has throngs of readers who follow her every worthwhile word. She also has a new book, Still Life with Bread Crumbs, a novel about a woman who finds a new and happier way of life. For generations, Anne Morrow Lindbergh’s Gift from the Sea, has delighted women readers, binding them together with the insights this beloved writer shares about her own life. The 50th anniversary edition has a poignant introduction by her daughter, Reeve.

Katrinia Kenison is an author whose memoir will especially touch the hearts of moms who raised boys. Poignantly called The Gift of an Ordinary Day the book will capture imaginations and inspire thoughts.

When mom retreats to continue her reading, she might select this elegant and comfortable Chloe Chaise.

Gracious curves, vintage lines distinguish the Chloe chaise

The Chloe from Sam Moore Furniture has vintage lines but is also appropriate for contemporary settings. Within its gracious curves, one will find just the spot to collect private thoughts.

Remembering When: How often we want to recall a moment in time that has passed us by and can’t quite place the specifics. Was granddad with us on that vacation? Now, what restaurant did we stop at on the way to the lake? A million little facts escape our notice. And to whom do we go to refresh our memories? Mom, of course. It is such fun to remember when. And with this journal, A Mother’s Legacy, mom not only has a reference to answer such questions, but she will also create a delightful legacy of family life — all in one place. Kept on hand, right on her desk, she’ll be making a record for all to enjoy year after year. The journal will find a place of honor on this ladylike French blue writing desk. Make no mistake, though, this 54-inch wide desk is also ready for work with a drop front drawer for keyboard use and two utility drawers.

French blue writing desk

Family vacations, school plays, walks in the garden — all are times that get recorded today. Our lives are ever in motion. But to stop the clock for a few dedicated hours, why not create for mom a “show” of such events; some major, and some as swift and sweet as a gentle rain. DVDs can pop into a laptop or into the player in a fashionable entertainment console like this one with a soft gray finish and stylish circular hardware which might be tucked into a master bedroom.

Soft gray finish makes this entertainment center at home in any room

For the best seat in the house, Bradington Young’s Liam swivel tub chair is a pleaser for Mom and the entire family.

Swivel tub chairs are perfectly proportioned for Mom.

A Pampering Morning: Homes usually come alive when mom gets up in the morning. But wouldn’t it be lovely to give her a day off? And not just on Mother’s Day…why not prepare some charming little “tickets” that can be used for pampering days? She’ll stay in bed just a little longer, enjoy her coffee and breakfast on a tray, and find a lovely bouquet on her bedside table. Her bath will be furnished with potions fit for the royal personage she is. Mom might also be asked to put in special requests for her pampering. Go a bit further and find a nearby spa where mom will get professional attention.

The soft edges and artful curves of the Classique linen panel bed provide the perfect caress for mom’s pampered morning. Shop Crabtree and Evelyn’s new pear and pink magnolia products for refreshing delights for the bath. For ideas and recipes for a mom’s brunch, you’ll find dozens on delish.com.

Surround yourself with soft sophistication in the Classique upholstered panel bed.


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