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Layering Your Home for Fall


Friendly and functional entryways welcome fall–and your guests. Photo credit: BHG.com

Fall means a fun change of accessories for any home.

Now is the time to bring the warmth of fall colors and textures indoors through layering.

Layering the items in your home creates an extra level of coziness! Let’s begin in the entryway…


A convenient place to stash umbrellas, coats, boots and shoes near the door used most often at your home is a necessity for fall and winter. Photo credit: BHG.com

Start by making sure you have a place to stash umbrellas and hang coats by the front door. Extra baskets for shoes, snow and rain boots will come in handy. Having plenty of space to hang cooler weather coats, raincoats and fleeces will become a necessity.

Either a standing rack, as above, or a wall rack, as below, will work nicely.


A wall rack and basket for accessories, umbrellas and coats keeps things organized in style during fall and winter. Photo credit: BHG.com

The living room is a perfect space for layering to create a haven for cozy afternoons and evenings by the fireplace with a great book or cup of tea, or watching sports or movies.

Adding a warm throw blanket and even a basket full of them is a great way to start. Have one for each family member so no one gets left out in the cold. Layer a warm hued carpet over a neutral one to add some more texture to the room. Bring in a pouf or ottoman for some occasional seating.


A sectional paired with an oversized ottoman and soft, colorful accent pillows creates cozy layering in your living room. Photo: Sam Moore Furniture

An oversized pouf, cube, bench or ottoman, such as the one used above with the Sam Moore Rita sectional, is great for stashing magazines and newspapers, snacks, your laptop or tablet–and especially good for kicking your feet up!


A fuzzy ottoman near the fireplace is extra cozy and creates a layered look.

A fuzzy pouf like the one above is extra cozy near the fireplace, and the Sam Moore Banner Ottoman below is chic with its nailhead trim and hexagonal shape.


This hexagonal shaped ottoman with nailhead trim and button tufting is chic and functional. Photo: Sam Moore Furniture.

The quintessential piece for an inviting fall living room is the comfy leather sofa such as this Etosha Halali leather sofa, draped with a contrasting throw. The warm leather is just asking for your to curl up and read a book.


A leather sofa like this one is the quintessential piece for an inviting fall family room. Photo: Hooker Furniture Upholstery.

The companion chair and ottoman is an even cozier place to snuggle, and creates the layered look you are after.

Layeringchair and ottoman

Just add a comforter to this tufted leather chair and ottoman for the ultimate in layered seating. Photo: Hooker Furniture Upholstery.

In your kitchen and dining room, you can focus on accessories to create the layered look. These are the spaces in which you can take a more creative and personal approach. Display the apples your family gathered at the orchard. Change out your dish towels for some warmer fall tones. Put away your lightweight throw rug from the summer and roll out a thicker one for the fall.


Change out your dish towels or throw rugs for warmer fall tones to give your kitchen a more layered and cozy look. Photo: BHG.com

Add some branches or a bowl of vegetables and fruit as a centerpiece, bringing the changing foliage indoors.


Add branches or a bowl of fruit to your kitchen to bring the fall foliage indoors. Photo: BHG.com

Instead of using flowers for a centerpiece for fall entertaining, make your arrangement from fruits and vegetables in the earthy colors of fall. For more ideas on autumn arrangements, visit here: Autumn Entertaining Party Ideas from Traditional Home.


Use a variety of shapes, sizes and earthy colors for autumn arrangements. Photo credit: Traditional Home

Your bedrooms are some of the easiest places to layer in some fall. Add an extra blanket at the foot of  the bed. Change your lightweight duvet or comforter for something a little more substantial. Add some pillows, the more the better! Choose fabric with colors and textures for the season, like warm reds, oranges, greens and dark blues.


Warm reds, oranges, greens and dark blues bring fall inside to your bedrooms. Photo: countryliving.com

Create a warm, layered look in your master bedroom and guest bedroom. An upholstered, tufted headboard like on this Palisade upholstered shelter bed creates just the look and feel you’re after.

LayeringPallisadeThe two-tone finish on the Palisade nightstand above adds to the layered and dimensional look.

Layers are easy to add and take away for each season. Changes in colors and textures keep your home feeling fresh and new. A new look indoors is a fun approach to decorating and a great way to keep up with the change of scenery out of doors!


Photo: countryliving.com



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