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High Drama Furniture in Oscar Style


Two Oscars proudly hold court in a niche carved out in the library of Jimmy Stewart’s Beverly Hills home where the actor lived for nearly 50 years. Photo: Mary E. Nichols, ArchitecturalDigest.com

Like millions of Tinseltown fans, I can hardly wait to see which of my favorite films will take home Oscar gold at the 2015 Academy Awards. As I watched clips of this year’s nominees, I couldn’t help but think about how masterfully moody the silver screen is. And then it dawned on me. So is furniture. When dramatically shaped, dipped in rich color or sheathed in playful pattern, furniture goes from bit player to superstar.

Focal point furniture such as this delivers red carpet wow to rooms of any size or style, and enables us to create whatever mood we like with stylish intent.

Just for fun. let’s see how high drama furniture in Oscar style can deliver star power wow in your home.


The Cosette chaise is today’s take on a silver screen classic–the fainting couch. Photo: Sam Moore Furniture.

Had Meryl Streep’s mean ol’ witch in Into the Woods sipped that magic potion while lounging on the sexy shaped Cosette Chaiseher transformation would have been not only beautiful and youthful but stylishly bewitching too.


Aptly named, the High Drama Chest is grandly scaled and fashioned with elaborate hardware and a bold painted finish. Photo: Hooker Furniture.

The secrets of The Imitation Game’s Alan Turing (portrayed by Benedict Cumberbatch) might have stayed more sufficiently secret had they been stored in the High Drama Chest. Its curvaceous silhouette turns the spotlight with a va-va-voom pinup girl ease, relegating everything else to the shadows.


With its dramatic flange welt, the Vera cube colors outside the box. Photo: Sam Moore Furniture.

Birdman’s Riggan Thomson (played by Michael Keaton) would have felt anything but washed up with his feet propped atop the Vera Cube. Decked out in a lively Old World teardrop motif, Vera adds a hint of global mystique that intrigues and rejuvenates.


With its vibrant red leather cover, there’s no doubt about it–the Twitter sectional is something to tweet about whether you’re in Oscar’s green room or your own room at home. Credit: Bradington-Young.

Since Boyhood required twelve years to film every twist and turn, all characters in it — from Olivia (portrayed by Patricia Arquette) to Mason Sr. (Ethan Hawke)–would likely have appreciated the Twitter Sectional, a butter-soft leather sectional so comfy it instantly relaxes, which makes the dramas of life easier to handle.


The Sanctuary Tufted Bed is anything but short on drama with its curvy, button-tufted headboard and gold leaf-accented finish called “bling.” Photo: Hooker Furniture.

OK, so the Sanctuary Tufted Bed   probably wouldn’t have helped Monsieur Gustave (placed by Ralph Flennes) prove his innocence after being framed for murder. But its sky’s-the-limit arched headboard (trimmed in decadent bits of shimmery mirror, no less!) would have restored the once-luxe looks of the Grand Budapest Hotel in the ‘bling’ of an eye.

This year’s Academy Awards is now one for the books. Time to turn the spotlight to…home. How will you pump up the drama in yours?


The Sanctuary tufted bed is true focal-point furniture. Photo: Hooker Furniture.

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