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Wedding Bells? Create a Romantic Retreat


To honor their Bluegrass State roots, this couple raced toward wedded bliss with a Kentucky Derby-themed reception that took horsin’ around to a stylish new level. Photo credit: John Dolan, countryliving.com

Summer’s almost here and love is in the air.

 Now’s the time for Cinderella fairy tales to come true for every bride and and groom. So it’s no surprise that last year, summer weddings ruled, and bridal couples chased the dream to the average tune of $31,213 (not including the honeymoon), according to theknot.com.

But what’s the happy couple to do once the cake is cut, the bouquet is tossed and all the giddy guests have departed?  Keep the honeymoon going by transforming your bedroom into a romantic –and stylish– couples retreat.   Here’s how in 5 simple steps:


The roomy Dossier sleigh bed delivers more than a good night’s sleep. Photo: Hooker Furniture.

1. Buy the right bed.

 It makes sense to start with the place you spend at least one-third of your life, your bed. Bliss can go bust in the blink of an eye as newlyweds try to combine two households into one. No need to fuss over who gets the most closet space when there’s the Dossier Sleigh Bed. Built into the base of its rich elm veneer frame are two large storage drawers that run the width and length of the bed. Problem solved.


Every bedroom needs two nightstands. One for him. One for her. Left to right: the Palisade nightstand, Sunset Point bedside table, Sanctuary 3-drawer bombe.

2. Table up.

Today’s nightstands are about more than holding a lamp. They add architectural interest, contrasting color and shape; and are personality-revealing if you go all in on the trend and pick non-matching tables for each side of your bed. Many also have built-in electrical outlets, light switches and even USB ports.


The sleek two-tone Palisade nightstand has a serene Zen quality. Photo: Hooker Furniture.

 Find your Zen within with the Palisade Two-Drawer Nightstand. It adds a touch of contemporary Asian style and features two roomy drawers (one is felt-lined), plus, a three-plug electrical outlet for charging electronic device as you sleep.


The sunset Point Bedside Table has a vintage spool base and distressed painted St. John’s Blue finish. Photo: Hooker Furniture.

 For beachy-keen dreams, try the Sunset Point bedside table. Like a slow, undulating wave, its corkscrew silhouette creates the illusion of motion, and its distressed painted St. John Blue finish calls to mind weathered wood that’s washed ashore from a far away land.


In a rich gold finish accented by gold leafing, the Sanctuary three-drawer bombe brings romantic French styling to your bedroom. Photo: Hooker Furniture.

With its sexy shape and “Bling” finish (a rich gold accented by gold leafing), the Sanctuary three-drawer bombe nightstand brings French va-va-voom to the bedroom. More than a good looker, this nightstand is practically purposed, too. It has a trio of room drawers (one felt-lined, another cedar-lined) and on the back, there are three receptacles with a USB port.

3. Get cozy in a corner.


In a comfy leather chair like Taraval, newlyweds will be tempted to while away the day with a sigh and a smile. Photo: Bradington-Young.

Create a quiet go-to zone for two with a pair of Taraval wingback chairs. This modern spin on a classic is sheathed in luxe Caribbean blue leather and made with a deep comfy seat that’s ideal for sitting side-by-side, hand-in-hand while reading or chatting about the day over a late-night drink.

4. Make like a mogul.


Who needs a big ol’ impersonal media room when a pair of Cosette chaises can be the ticket to an intimate screening space in your bedroom? Photos: Hooker Furniture and Sam Moore Furniture.

Treat yourself to a luxe night at the movies every night without leaving your bedroom. Instead of precariously perching your flat-screen TV on anything in sight, give it safe haven atop the Chatelet Media Chest. Fashioned of hearty poplar and hardwood solids, it has four spacious storage drawers to house everything from DVD’s to clothes. Add his ‘n her Cosette chaises, and the stage is set for a comfy evening of watching your favorite flicks together.


Why eat on the go when you can dine fine with your honey? Credit, left to right: Sam Moore, Hooker Furniture, Aimee Herring, countryliving.com.

5. Romance your view.

 Whether it’s breakfast on weekends or dinner after work, make mealtime a time to savor. If you have a wow outdoor space like this, make the most of it even if you’re dining on toast and tea.

Or rip a page from haute hotels. Create a stylish space to dine in your bedroom. The Rhapsody Urn Pedestal Nightstand is sized right to double as a mini dining table for two, and its classic silhouette adds charms to any room.

In a tone-on-tone fabric called “Early Fuschia,” Eearo Chairs awaken the senses in a heady way while providing a comfy place to relax.


With its slim scale, the Eearo Chair can play the role of dining chair, accent chair or club chair. Photo: Sam Moore.

Whether newly married or turning the page on a silver or golden anniversary, wedded bliss is what we forever shoot for with Cupid’s arrow. Isn’t it time to create that romantic retreat where all you special dreams can come true?


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