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Nature-inspired Romantic Style


The Rafferty Console has a wonderful organic texture. And, planting a tree in your yard is a lovely way to increase oxygen, shade and organic matter. Photo: Hooker Furniture.

Romantic style doesn’t just mean lovey-dovey.

First seen in the works of early 18th Century English poets Byron and Shelley, Romantic style celebrates nature’s wild, exuberant side.

As seen in the Rafferty Console from the Melange Collection with its wonderfully organic-looking texture, you can easily capture this spirit and bring the great outdoors in.


The Solana accent table gives the refined rustic look of a classical planter. It will turn your living room into a romantic conservatory on the spot. Photo: Hooker Furniture.

My perennial favorite approach is to combine natural accents with furnishings that combine sinuous vines with rustic angles.

This romanticized view of nature was springing up all over the most recent High Point furniture Market, a trend that says we are looking for more organic shapes and soothing hues at home.

chatelet nesting tables

Hooker Furniture was ahead of this curve, with introductions such as the nest of tables, above, from their popular Chatelet Collection.

To create nature-inspired romantic style, combine delicate, cool colors and earthy natural motifs for a fresh-air feeling, even if you’re stuck inside with the A/C cranked.

Astrid Sofa

The Astrid Sofa taps into the romantic conservatory look with its delicate, cool colors and natural motifs for a light and airy feeling. Photo: Sam Moore Furniture.

I find that when you anchor pale greens, blues and other pastels with branch-brown and earthy black, they’re chic and timeless. Wood textures in pale washes and with curly tendril designs also invoke the spirit of growth.


Summertime living is easy and breezy, but the idea of bringing seashells, wicker baskets and other natural finds into the home really started with the Romantics. Photo: Hooker Furniture.

The curvy-legged Sanctuary Round Cocktail Table carries the spirited nature-inspired romantic style theme year-round.

french needlepoint daffodil pillows scully & scully

Daffodils have thrilled poets and regular folks for ages. These French needlepoint pillows in wool (a renewable resource) from Scully & Scully will bloom forever.


Ornate furniture styles get a lighter feeling when they’re this airy, so they almost look constructed of living vines. Photo: Hooker Furniture.


I could see an enchanting piece like these Adagio side and arm chairs in the foyer as well as in the dining room. Photo: Hooker Furniture.


Nature-inspired romantic style can range from opulent traditional, as in the Adagio Collection, to serene contemporary, as in this Harmony mirror. Photo: Hooker Furniture.

The 36-inch round Harmony Mirror is framed in rope. Organic and natural, it strikes a perfect chord in any decorating plan.


Crafted in an earthy and tactile rope, the Harmony mirror is part of the youthful Studio 7H Collection. Photo: Hooker Furniture.

leaf-motif salad serving set onekingslane

I love a mix of metals, and this naturalistic salad server set from One King’s Lane is one of my favorites.

lime ferns lampsplus

This fresh, youthful green will refresh any room. I love how the delicate fern pattern balances the vivid color. Photo: lampsplus.com.

lily of the valley pin met museum

I’m on a campaign to bring back the brooch! This Lily of the Valley pin from the Metropolitan Museum of Art would give your favorite suit a fresh pick-me-up. If you like a wilder look, red poppies area also a favorite of jewelry designers.

Nature-inspired pieces don’t just add a fresh look to our rooms. Their deeper beauty can be in how and where they’re made. For example, Hooker Furniture’s family of brands has a strong Environmental Mission Statement and Goals and is committed to operating a sustainable, environmentally friendly business.

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    Oh!images are just amazing.It looks so romantic.

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