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Gorgeous Green Decor Ideas


The diva of the green family, emerald is eye-catching and powerful. Use it to draw attention to an area or a favorite furnishing. It pairs just as beautifully with cool neutrals like grays and whites as with warm tans and taupes. Photo: Hooker Furniture

 A reflection of the natural beauty of the outdoors, green is the perfect interior hue. Combining the coolness of blue and cheerfulness of yellow, it can be used strategically to brighten or calm a space. There’s a green for everyone and every room. It’s just a matter of finding the right shade.


Love the look of “Herbal Mist” from Behr? Use it as the wall color in a living room paired with neutral upholstery and pillows and accessories in a variety of fresh colors, or put it in the bathroom using crisp whites and glossy black, or paint your kitchen island or cabinets this cool shade. Image: bhg.com

What’s your green?

Green is a chameleon color, which means you can use virtually any shade in nearly any room. Not sure what shade of it is right for you? Start by looking outside. Are you drawn to the soft blue-greens of the ocean and sky or the warm, yellow-greens of the landscape?


Don’t limit yourself to just one shade of green when combinations can work even better. This eclectic look combines Kelly Green fabric pillows, spring green in the artwork, a citrus green in the blanket and the flowering plant adds a bit of dark leafy green. Photo: bhg.com.

While there will always be a place for the drama of the deep shades of emerald, hunter and Kelly Green, some of today’s most intriguing looks feature fun, fresh shades.


A pear green wall provides the perfect backdrop to this stylish dining room. Photo: coastalliving.com; photographer: Tria Giovan.


Incorporating green into your home’s interior palette is one of the easiest ways to lift and refresh a space. Photo: coastalliving.com, photographer: J. Savage Gibson


The leaf green walls of this beach shack are tempered with the buttery yellow shade used on the ceiling and trim. It all comes together with a harmonizing duvet and pillows. Photo: coastalliving.com; photographer: Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn.


All the colors of nature–putty brown, blue and soft green come together on the Viera Chest for a sophisticated earthy look. Photo: Hooker Furniture.

Mix green with soft browns and neutrals in a subtle way to create the soothing, earthy and organic style so popular today in home and fashion. The Melange Viera Chest creates just this look.


Enliven a neutral palette with a small splash of green. Photo: Hooker Furniture.

A fun painted accent chest, such as this Sanctuary Box on Stand, adds personality to a room and enlivens a neutral color palette without a big commitment to the color.

What’s your favorite shade of green? Leave us a comment, we’ll be sure to reply!

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