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Adventure in Furniture: Cynthia Rowley Website


Romance and adventure take center stage with the Cynthia Rowley fashion furniture collection, now with a dynamic home on the world-wide web.

First, fashion apparel icon Cynthia Rowley brought imagination, adventure and discovery to the furniture world with her ground-breaking Cynthia Rowley for Hooker Furniture Collection.


The Cynthia Rowley Curiosity Credenza is one of over 150 furnishings celebrating a love of discovery. Photo: Hooker Furniture

The spirited line of runway-inspired furniture created by one of the world’s top fashion designers and one of the world’s most revered furniture brands is sure to be a home decorating game-changer.

Fleur de Glee Chest room

The floral pattern on the Fleur de Glee chest is right off the fashion runway. Photo: Hooker Furniture

Now, the Cynthia Rowley for Hooker Furniture brand has launched another innovative game-changer: a state-of-the-art website devoted exclusively to the brand with rotatable images that may be viewed and zoomed from any angle, including a top-down view.


The home page of the Cynthia Rowley furniture collection website invites adventure.


The Barrington Sofa is one of over 150 product images offering top-down and 360-degree views.


360-degree views, with dimensions, are offered on all products, such as the Fleur de Glee desk.

On the dynamic new website, over 150 furniture styles are grouped into three looks and personalities: “Geometry and Precision,” “Harmony and Happiness” and “Love the Unknown.”


“Harmony and Happiness” is one of three major lifestyle and personality decorating themes for the Cynthia Rowley website.

A Look Book of on-location room environmental photography offers exciting decorating and home-fashion ideas.


A Look Book features over-the-top stunning on-location home photos of the Cynthia Rowley Collection.


The Wallis Sofa room is one of dozens of stunning location photos in the Cynthia Rowley Collection Look Book.

Along with the 360-degree capability, other features of the adventuresome website include an extremely high-resolution zoom from any angle, Live Chat, the ability to create a Wish List and a Find it Now feature on every product page that directs visitors to one of over 200 inaugural retailers of the brand around the world.

Social icons link to the Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest sites of the Cynthia Rowley global lifestyle brand, and visitors can also join the Cynthia Rowley collection email list.


Take a spin on the new Cynthia Rowley for Hooker Furniture website! Relish the adventure.

Fleur de Glee Desk-RS-CR for HF

The iconic Fleur de Glee desk from the Cynthia Rowley furniture collection.

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