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What’s on Your Winter Bucket List?

Retreat, check. Relax, check. Rejuvenate, check. It all starts in the bedroom. Photos: Hooker Furniture and Mandarin Blue by Ralph Lauren China.

Resolutions are so last month! What’s more inspiring and realistic for this time of year is this idea: What’s on your winter bucket list?

Chances are, this is a time of year when retreating, relaxing and rejuvenating is high on your bucket list.


There’s a reason the bedroom is often called the master suite. It is where retreat, relaxation and rejuvenation begins, as you prepare your mind, body and soul for glorious spring!

Say yes to flowers and candles, especially for the bedroom, even if it’s just ambiance for one. Even better: flameless candles with timer and remote. Photo: Ikea

The bedroom is a living space to make totally your own, with your true favorite things. Gather photos of those you love most (there’s no better time of year to sift through photos and family memorabilia), all built around your favorite color scheme. Hint: If your winter bucket list includes a new coat of paint, remember blue is the ultimate soothing sleep color. Dragging yourself out of the winter blues might require just that– a little serene blue or spa blue-green in the bedroom.

Think of stylish ways to display happy faces of those you love most. Photo: cgleasondesign

Visit your favorite plant shop for elements of nature that contribute to a better sleep environment: jasmine, English ivy, lavender, English ivy, lavender, aloe vera and varieties of snake and spider plants. Photo: Fab Art DIY


If you pushed yourself all during hectic fall and the holiday season, know that you’re allowed to slow down during the cold winter months and simply rest. Back up your usual bedtime by one hour, turn off your electronic devices an hour before that, and consider yoga or meditation to wind down from the day.

Turn off your electronic devices an hour before bed and consider yoga or meditation to wind down from the day and encourage better sleep. Photos: Pinterest and tskw.org.

Now’s also the time to treat yourself to quality bedding and a gorgeous bed, for both luxury (you deserve it!) and restful sleep that leads to better health. 

With comfort at its core, the Belgian-inspired Boheme Bon Vivant Upholstered Bed welcomes rest with a subtle antique gray finish and simple elegance. Hooker Furniture

The Boheme Nightstand is sized appropriately for that vase of fresh flowers you’ve added to your weekly shopping list. Keep colors soft and only include fragrant cuts, such as lilies, if you’re comfortable with their scent.

 Keep your weekend to-do lists light, and never miss a chance to reach for a blanket and a good book, with the perfect bedside lamp, of course, or a cozy chair for your reading nook.

Read on! The Gideon Swivel Chair from Sam Moore, pairs well with a little natural lighting and the perfect chairside lamp.


Chilly days leave us with time to ponder goals and dreams. Make sure your list for the next month or so includes exploring new healthy interests (a yoga or cooking class?), or finally putting your thoughts on paper by getting back to daily journaling.

Dreaming of warmer days? Poll the family for their vacation wish-lists and use this time to start researching a summer getaway.

Now’s the perfect time of year to poll the family for vacation wish-lists and research a summer getaway. Photo: Round Hill, Montego Bay, Jamaica.

If minimalism and simplicity are part of your new year’s mantra, cleanse your mind — and your resting space — by purging clutter and clothes in the bedroom. (Remember, Feng Shui experts prescribe nothing stored under the bed.)

Rejuvenating is all about real life, mirrored in the Roslyn County farm-to-decor collection in walnut and hickory, with hand-crafted appeal you’ll find hard to resist, and even harder to leave. Hooker Furniture.

So, keep a good stack of novels on hand, even join a new book club while chilly weather keeps you indoors.

Nothing beats a cozy corner space in the bedroom, with the Roslyn County Eight-Drawer Dresser and Landscape Mirror. Hooker Furniture.

Now’s the time of year to linger in your favorite chair by the fireplace…like this Annick Recliner. Photo: Sam Moore Furniture.

Best advice: A new, better you is all about balance. The health benefits of good sleep and rest are powerful, coupled with the mental and emotional benefits of a sweet retreat for love, calm and plenty of sweet dreams.

What about you: What’s on your winter bucket list?

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