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Herbs, Angles and Dots, Oh My!

Thanks to the Eco movement and ethnic cooking, herbs are an up-and-coming design theme and a fresh alternative to florals. Dots and other circular motifs are kicking up the energy level in home décor, angular forms are adding pizzazz to silhouettes, and plaids are on the rise in both apparel and home décor.

Dot cups from Egizia

These are some of the observations of trend sage Michelle Lamb, president of The Trend Curve, an international authority on trend forecasting for home furnishings.  Speaking at a recent conference in Myrtle Beach, S.C., Michelle pointed to one mega trend in home and furniture design that transcends all the others: personalization. “We don’t hear about eclectic decorating anymore, because that has given way to personalized decorating,” she said.

Here are some of the main style trends impacting home design today and for the next few years:

• Herbs. Credit the Eco and the grow-your-own movements for bringing herbs and all things natural to the forefront of decorative thinking. Done in a flat style, herbs send a contemporary message. In an illustrative style or graceful forms, the look is traditional. Herbs are a fresh alternative to floral motifs, which are feeling a bit dated. The order of popularity? Rosemary, parsley, sage, mint, thyme, chives and basil.

• Dots. Suzani designs have helped pave the way for a new breed of circular motifs that will add bounce to décor. Dots are on-trend when they fill another motif, even when that motif is a larger dot.

• Transparency. Our backlash against corporate greed and hidden agendas has created a craving for transparency. While the desire for transparency may have begun with the economy and society, it has now arrived in design. Clear glass, Lucite and plastic are balanced with colored materials. Metal mesh, outlined icons, sheers, wide-open weaves and pierced items are other trend-forward takes on transparency.

• Form. One of the best ways to make everyday items look special is by designing them with a unique silhouette. Angular forms are the newest. Ovals are also returning, sometimes with a twist, in everything from ottomans to tables to consoles to lampshades. Hexagons and honeycombs are emerging.

• Texture. Texture that looks hand-crafted is appearing in every category and material. There are crusty looks, vintage, ceramics with interesting textures for a comforting, warm look, carved stone, concrete, carved slate and other compelling textures that draw people in.

• Plaids. They’re back. Contemporary plaids are colorful and come on white or clear grounds. Traditional plaids are interpreted in wood inlays and grain patterns. Tartans are incoming, and even country plaids are hinting at revival.

Interested in more design trend buzz? Visit Trend Curve.

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