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Hand Crafting Reduces Stress

At the beginning of my daughter’s junior year of high school, I decided to begin “telling the story” of all her special occasions in a scrapbook. Now the pages are full of colorful memories from homecoming court, her 17th birthday mountain weekend, Christmas, the arrival of our new puppy, dance recital and prom. Throughout the year, I have found myself looking forward to setting aside an afternoon devoted to creating new pages in her scrapbook.

If you are a scrapbooker or do any kind of handwork like gift wrapping, card-making, floral arranging or needlework, you probably relish the time you spend creating something worthwhile with your hands. And for good reason.  According to the Craft & Hobby Assn., the emotional, psychological and physical benefits of hand crafting include:

• Enhancement of self-esteem

• Reduction of stress

• Mental and physical relaxation

• Medicinal and therapeutic value for those with chronic illnesses

• Doctors even prescribe craft therapy!

No wonder 62 million American households engage in some kind of crafting project! If you are one of them, then you can truly appreciate an innovative piece of craft furniture, the Hobby Cabinet from Hooker Furniture. As soon as I saw the cabinet, I thought how great it would be to have the cubby drawers to store all the paper and stickers I use for scrapbooking, and to have a file drawer to organize all mementos. These items are now in a plastic bag at the bottom of my closet.

I also enjoy gift-wrapping, and this craft furniture is ideal for that. You can store your rolls of gift wrap on large dowels, and ribbon on small dowels so they are in easy reach. What I really like is the fold-down work surface, which makes a perfect surface for gift wrapping. You can stand and wrap gifts, rather than having to spread everything out on the floor. The fold-down surface even offers a pencil tray edge for running scissors across to cut paper or fabric.

Does the hobby cabinet sound like it would help you enjoy the well-being benefits of crafting? Hooker Furniture and our retail partner Furnitureland South are co-sponsoring a giveaway contest for the hobby cabinet that you can enter here.  To learn more about our hobby cabinets, browse them on our website here.

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