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Kid’s Furniture That’s Too Cool For School!

What Mom or Dad hasn’t felt the tug at their heartstrings while preparing a child to get ready for back-to-school days?  Whether it’s packing them up for their first venture or watching them advance to the next level, it’s probably easy to reflect back on a time, not so long ago, when they were taking their first steps!

The Lily desk can also be used as a vanity!

Of course, when it’s time for your child to move up to their “big person’s” room, you may also be deciding on how to redesign their space to accommodate a different function.  A trundle bed can allow for newly-made friends to feel welcome without taking up a lot of extra space.  I’ve also discovered one of the pieces often needed to accommodate schoolwork is a new desk.  This furniture addition can be equally useful for creating crafts or for working on a favorite hobby.  For the young ladies, it can double as a vanity.

I’m totally in love with the Lily Computer Desk from Hooker Furniture’s youth division, Opus Designs!  I’m always looking for pieces that my clients’ children can grow into . . . perhaps even to see them off to that other milestone of higher education.  I’ve been with some of my clients long enough to watch their little ones go from changing tables to tween rooms to the experience of their children becoming parents, too!  That’s why it’s so important to find furniture with multiple uses and classic shapes.  All it takes is a simple color palette change and you have a whole new space!

Speaking of which, did you know the Lily Desk features removable color accent panels?  Four color panels, with a total of eight color choices, are stored inside the drawer fronts. Simply remove the knob and you can slide the panels in and out to create an array of color schemes and change the personality of the collection.  This option is also available on many other Lily Collection pieces.  How cool is that?

Way cool colors, don't you think?

The Lily desk is quite versatile, and, when used with a mirror, makes a perfect vanity as well. This piece is compact and sophisticated enough to be used in a dorm room or apartment as your child grows into young adult.

As if there isn’t enough to be excited about, with the Lily Collection, Hooker Furniture has created a give-a-way contest where you can register to win the fabulous Lily desk, or another great desk from the Aura collection – your choice. The only catch is, if you win a desk, you have to bestow it upon your child.  I can see how it might be tempting to find a spot in a grown-up’s corner, too!

Click here to see how to register to win.  Best of luck!

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