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Accents make home ready for autumn

Shopping for a new addition to your home that brings the mood and hue of fall? Here are several living room accent furniture items that will move in as effortlessly as a leaf drifts down from a tree. Each adds a focal point that will inspire you to bring more of the outdoors in. And with each, a few suggestions on how to make it feel at home during the delightful autumn days.

Retro Stiped Accent Chest

  • A CHEST OF MANY COLORS: Any room or entryway will become as dramatic as the hillsides of a Vermont autumn with the retro striped hand-painted chest.  In keeping with its earth tones, top with a beautiful piece of pottery, perhaps a jug in a wonderful honey color or a platter of green apples and pears. (There are great fruit candles that would work for a more permanent display.) Turn again to the potter’s wheel for a lamp in a celadon green with a natural-colored shade. A painted tray–perhaps salvaged from a flea market–in any one of the colors in the chest is also a great touch. While you’re at the flea market, look for frames you can paint for a display of photos of family and friends at last year’s apple picking. And how about an array of beeswax candles in one–or all the colors–coordinated with the chest’s vertical stripes?
  • A UNIQUE COPPER-TOP SERVER: Entertaining has moved inside from the terrace or patio and this copper-top server, finished on all sides, can make informal gatherings just as much fun. The copper top is in keeping with the season when one wants bowls of cider (perhaps for bobbing for apples) for a party for all ages. No messy cleanup! It’s vintage time–for wines that is–and what a perfect place to display the local wines you always enjoy and want to share with friends. Wine glasses don’t have to be clear–amber ones will be stunning on this server which can be placed anywhere in the room so guests can mingle all around it.
  • A REFECTORY GAME TABLE: This game table furniture makes one think of a day in the north of England when it might be spread with a hunt breakfast. (Even without the hunts today, the breakfasts are still tradition.) Closed, the table makes an intimate dining situation; open, it is banquet-size. The table invites a trip to the linen closet for place mats and napkins…perhaps some printed with a variety of leaf patterns or in rich, tapestry colors. Nothing is as breathtaking as a display of leafy branches in a tall vase or crock. You can select bittersweet (which dries and lasts a very long time) or dried hydrangeas whose blue tones have mellowed to a pleasant rusty hue.
  • THE STELLENE SIDE CHAIR In a copper-colored cheetah print fabric, this upholstered accent chair can easily move from room to room to make a home cozy as the mists of autumn move in. Of course, it can also beautifully take its seat at a dining table. And what a nice addition to the desk in your home office. In the bedroom, it’s a perfect perch–perhaps even for the family cat. Picture a pair of these chairs alongside a hall table to welcome guests to your harvest home. To make the scene even more inviting, display some of your favorite art books on the table, one on a stand open to an autumn scene…a great way to “own” art!
  • THE RAFFIA BED: Autumn makes us think of all the materials nature gives us to use in our homes. This raffia and wood bed keeps our minds and hearts in the country with its raffia head and footboards. Whether or not you have barn-board siding or rough-hewn rafters, you’ll have bedroom furniture as fresh as a newly mown meadow. Dress the bed with crisp organic cotton sheets and pillowcases and a white wool blanket or a white-on-white patchwork quilt for a simple farm look. For a true autumn feel, you might choose an Indian blanket pattern in sage green. An assortment of dried flowers and grasses in a vase on the dresser will reside in harmony with your raffia bed.

Summary: Be sure to enjoy autumn’s fun outside–like walking through a carpet of colorful leaves on a day with a bright blue sky and an afternoon at the local pumpkin patch. Then, come inside to your own harvest of lovely new accents for your home.

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