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Rhapsody reveals a new view of traditional

There was a time, not so long ago, when a traditionally-styled home meant rooms full of historic reproduction furniture mostly influenced by English and French styles from the 18th century. Names like Thomas (Chippendale and Sheraton) and Louis (any one of a string of French kings) were bandied about, and strict period décor was emulated and admired.

Grandover chairs reflect formal period furniture

But a strange thing happened on the way to the 21st century. A more informal lifestyle emerged, inspired by a casual dress code at work and relaxed views about what goes with what. There’s been a growing insistence on simplicity, comfort and personal expression that has replaced generations of views about what a sophisticated, well-dressed home might look like.

Today, formal spaces in our homes are being transformed into spaces designed to be used every day.Too-good-to-use is giving way to living-in-the-moment, while formal furniture is being re-energized for a new generation.

Enter Rhapsody, a new collection by Hooker Furniture that reveals all that’s new- and wonderfully fresh – about traditional design.

Rhapsody diamond chest celebrates imperfection

There’s no attempt to directly reproduce or copy any specific old design masterpieces here, but neither is there any attempt to hide their inspiration.

Rhapsody chair softly interprets historical style

The look is familiar and warm… with classic architectural influences, carved detailing and trustworthy shapes and proportions.

Architectural meets rustic in Rhapsody

But it’s fresh and contemporary, too… with simpler lines, unexpected colorations and understated sophistication befitting the 21st century. Though slightly reinvented in shape, form and color, this handsome furniture collection is undeniably rooted in the classics.

Rhapsody hand painted drawer chest

In many ways, Rhapsody perfectly captures today’s watershed shift in views about traditionally-styled furniture. It invites us to transform our homes into something elegant and casual,timeless and youthful, opulent and weathered by age or use.

Rhapsody urn console

Streamlined and relaxed, it feels simple, comfortable and personal…reducing the look of clutter – and the pressure for perfection in our homes and in our lives. It offers a balanced view of history; keeping the old, but keeping it current.

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