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The Mod Squad-3 Brands to Love

These stripes do anything but toe the line. Image Credit: us.-farrow-ball.com

Pops of color, pattern and arresting shape are giving old favorites a modernist reboot just in time for summer. A reminder that truly great design is timeless (just redress it!), these imaginative spins are something every home needs. Here are three brands changing the way we think about wallpaper, lamps and tabletop.  It’s easy to see why…

From across the pond comes Chromatic Stripe wallpaper by Farrow & Ball. This bold look in gray, white and turquoise shows the power of geometric stripes to draw the eye in and up.  If this is grannie’s wallpaper, clearly, she’s the hippest chick in town.

Get dreamy with your headboard. Image Credit: us.-farrow-ball.com

Creating architectural interest with wallpaper is very hot right now.  Here, Farrow & Ball’s Silvergate wallpaper (an early 19th century English damask print) has been snipped into the shape of a headboard, then installed on the wall.  A chic, unexpected look that’s easy for anyone with a pair of scissors to do.

Lighten up. Image Credit: Homeware.com

It’s time to swap boring basic light fixtures for something more illuminating. With its antique-style bulb and shapely wire shade, Homeware.com’s  Dolo Industrial pendant adds a dash of mad scientist style.

These may be the most perfect lamps--ever. Image Credit: Homeware.com

The popsickle palette and sculptural shapes of Homeware’s Orange Tara lamp, Grant Lamp, and Yellow Tempe table lamps make us think about lamps in a whole new way–as pieces of modern art.

Shape up the dinner scene (no matter what you serve!) Image Credit: BenningtonPotters.com

For over 60 years, Bennington Potters has been making stoneware in their Vermont workshop. The Banneton & 2 Crocks set is a modern spin on a baker’s basket and comes in an array of trendy colors like Black on Green Agate, Morning Glory Blue and Elements Gold.

Shape up the dinner scene (no matter what you serve!) Image Credit: BenningtonPotters.com

Although spatterware has been around since the 18th century, Bennington Potter’s Blue Agate Spatterware feels brand-spanking new when colored in trendy cobalt and white. This stoneware also resides at the most fashionable address in America–1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. President and Mrs. Obama picked it for use in their White House family quarters.

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