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Stars and Stripes Forever Decor


Stripes add a classic, comforting and fresh and breezy feel to family rooms. Photo credit: French Country Cottage.

 Independence Day may be past, but the celebration goes on. That’s because there’s more to stars and stripes and red, white and blue than meets the eye.

Design reflects the thinking of any era. The U.S., founded on classical Greek ideals of democracy, embraced Neoclassical architecture.

From the vertically-striped (reeded and fluted) columns on our great public buildings to the star-shaped inlays on Federal-style tabletops, Neoclassical design expresses the aspirations that propelled our country in its early years.


Barley-twist legs make for swirly stripes, and the star inlay on top is the perfect finish for this 14-inch round, go-anywhere table. Photo: Hooker Furniture.

The motif on this Star Inlay Table is a nod to the Federal and Neo-Classical styles that are part of our country’s heritage.

Classic stars and stripes motifs can make for serious and traditional designs like the Round Pedestal Table below.


Classical reeding creates vertical stripes punctuated with starry floral inserts. Photo: Hooker Furniture.

 That doesn’t mean we can’t cut loose and enjoy the casual, simple joy of our flag’s colors and motifs in more chic and fun designs like the Rita Sectional.


Stripes go with just about any other pattern, and this nautical blue medley is a classic. Photo: Sam Moore Furniture.


Starry drawer pulls add dazzle to the front of this Sanctuary three-drawer chest, already compelling due to its soft shape. Photo: Hooker Furniture.

I’ve never been comfy with using the actual flag image as a doormat or disposable paper napkin, but there are all kinds of flag-inspired designs that carry the spirit.

So, show your stripes and be a star!


Star-shaped drawer pulls add a touch of magic and glamour to this Melange Nightfall Chest, along with the croc-embossed finish and designer drawer lining. Photo: Hooker Furniture.


Gilded striping adds a flourish to this clever piece that houses two deep lateral file drawers with the designer look of four bureau drawers. Photo: Hooker Furniture.


Dark or light, stripes add verve to any decorating scheme without fighting other patterns. Photo: Sam Moore Furniture.

Whether in deep and saturated colorations like the stripe pattern on the Panache Chair, or the more subtle, whitewashed look of the stripes on the Luxton club chair, stripes fit in to virtually any decorating scheme.


Stripes come in endless colorways, but they always find the sweet spot between dignified and fun. Photo credit: Sam Moore Furniture.

star cutout votive home decorators

Star motifs can take many moods. This dark punched-metal votive from homedecorators.com would be at home in a country ranch or industrial loft. Photo: homedecorators.com

starfish votive fashioncraft

Star motifs aren’t just for traditional décor. They add flair to coastal and contemporary styles as well. This bright silver and blue votive from fashioncraft.com would perk up any summer party. Just change the sandy background to red. Photo: fashioncraft.com

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