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Timeless Tropical Summer Decorating

Diva Leopard Chest

Leopard pattern can be urbane, but if you surround it with baskets, exotic plants and other tropical elements, it finds its jungle-inspired home. Photo: Hooker Furniture.

The latest dinosaur epic may thrill you this summer, but you don’t need a jungle-covered island to be lured by tropical-style decorating.


Simply dramatic, this chest with ebony-hued, crocodile-textured drawer fronts makes a splash in any room. Photo: Hooker Furniture.

English 18th and 19th Century Colonial Style brought traditional elegance to exotic locales, where local artisans refreshed classic looks with native materials and designs.

Today, global influences are even stronger, and tropical elements look more at home than ever.

Tropical, rattanaccenttable

This silvery rattan table in a large-scale weave is one I crave. Photo: Hooker Furniture.

Channel that Jurassic-era vibe with reptile-textured leathers, rattan, bamboo, cork, ferns as houseplants and other tropical elements.


Exotic textures are rustic and elegant at the same time, and they’re so distinctive, they make a range of neutrals exciting. Photo: Hooker Furniture.

You’ll transform any room, traditional or modern, into a languid vacation getaway.



Natural rope’s texture and color gives this shapely modern accent table from the Studio 7H Collection a relaxed air. Photo: Hooker Furniture.

B-Y Croc chair

Wild and wonderful, croc-patterned leather makes a fearless fashion statement with vivid solid colors and coordinating prints. This brilliant turquoise is just the color of the Caribbean seas. Photo: Bradington-Young.


Spice-gold leather sparked with python-embossed pillows creates a look that’s lavish, yet lighthearted. Photo: Bradington-Young.


OK, you know you want this chaise to lounge in your tropical lair. It’s available with the back on the left or the right side; your preference. Personally, I’m craving one of each since my husband is left-handed. Photo: Sam Moore Furniture.

Croc tray cropped

This croc-embossed serving tray brings a fresh, luxe look to summer entertaining. Photo: overstock.com

lady fern in pot from tnnursery.net

Ferns have been around since the dinosaurs, and they’re not only beautiful, they help clean your indoor air. These are from TNnursery.net.

abstract green gator pillow overstock

When you want to bring the Jurassic look home for the kids, invite accents featuring today’s dino descendants: alligators, crocodiles and snakes like this one from overstock.com.

michael aram gingko gold dish

Gingko trees, like ferns, date from the age of the dinosaurs, so no wonder they’re an Asian symbol of longevity. Their pretty leaves have always inspired artists, like this one from today’s renowned Michael Aram.

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