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Mixed Metallics: Bring Luxe Home

Mirrors make any room look brighter and bigger, but framed in metal, they’re brilliant focal points. A German silver foil in a textured sunburst design over wood gives this Sunray Mirror modern, organic drama. Hooker Furniture

Today’s collected decorating look loves to mix and match metals. Neutral but brilliant, metallics bring a glam edge to traditional rooms and give minimalist modern a touch of warmth and luxe.

This chest says, ‘Go big AND go home!’ For the fearless party giver, a piece like this reflects your effervescent style. Deeply textured aluminum cladding on the Bubbly Chest offers a softly distressed surface. Hooker Furniture

Trends in metal, like everything else, run in cycles. Wedding rings have switched from yellow gold to white gold and back over for at least the past four generations. In kitchen hardware, brass is king for about a decade and then nickel is the only cool choice for another decade. Happily, you can have it all in home furnishings, decor and furniture.

Sophisticated gray is bigger than ever, but it’s at its best with a few artful metallic accents. Here, a handsome geometric design, picked out in copper and goldtones, gives the go-anywhere Breck Chest subtle elegance. Photo: Hooker Furniture.

So bring out those sterling silver wedding gift candlesticks, old brass tray, Mercury glass vase, copper centerpiece bowl, and mix it all up. With accessories and accent furniture, it’s their–and your home’s turn — to shine!

A sleek work of art that’s also a versatile console, this Sara Table mixes modern aluminum and classic silverleaf for a subdued glow. The mix continues with an organic modern shape and traditional nailhead accents. Hooker Furniture.

Textured, subtle striping of silverleaf and gold make the Apollo Credenza a treasured focal point. Balance a showstopper like this with other metallics around the room: Old brass candlesticks, a silver Revere bowl and accents in modern brushed steel or even copper would carry the theme brilliantly. Hooker Furniture.

Metallics can give a traditional look a fresh twist. Here, the Vintage West End Table is elegantly rustic but the color scheme is cool and youthful. Silvery aluminum accents and gray-burnished wood take a beloved classic into the next generation’s urbane environments. Hooker Furniture.

Charming iron nesting tables with reeded trim and faux bois legs go glamorous with a silvery finish and mirrored tops. Silvertoned nailhead upholstery trim and throw pillows in a mix of silver-gray and golden stripes are easy ways to reinforce the motif. Hooker Furniture.

Metallic accents find a welcome home in today’s Belle Epoque-inspired mix of industrial and romantic looks. This elaborately carved Lambik End Table is already eye-catching; the aluminum-clad top with its nailhead edge trim makes it a showstopper. Hooker Furniture.

To balance a big, dark leather sofa, bring in an end table like the Kiera Spot Table, scaled big enough but visually light and bright. The table frame is gold-colored, the legs on the sofa are chrome, the Mercury glass vase looks like silver, the chandelier metal is old brass, and it all looks fabulous together. Hooker Furniture.

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