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The Write Stuff: Text-Messaging Inspired Decor


This fun and colorful headboard is letter perfect. Credit: BHG.com

Smart phones have breathed life into the written word via tweets and text messaging. Now, designers are penning a trend all their own with decor that’s embellished with script, fonts and phrases, letters and words. Far from old school, these looks are very of the moment, span contemporary to classic; and work well in both casual and dressy interiors.

DIYers, put your spin on the trend by gathering letters in lots of sizes, fonts and colors from flea markets and craft stores, or make your own. Then arrange them on the wall creatively like the example above from Better Homes & Gardens.


Tommy Hilfiger walks the talk with art. Credit: Douglas Friedman, ArchitecturalDigest.com

When Tommy Hilfiger and his wife, Dee, tapped Martyn Lawrence Bullard to give their Miami home a hip “disco madness” vibe, Bullard hit his groove with this collaborative pop art painting by Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquit. Its mix of vivid hues, abstract pattern and playful fonts was the inspiration for everything in the living room, including the lavishly swirled, hypnotic hair-on-hide carpet.


In the hands of designer Tracy Kendall, the Bard reaches new heights. Credit: TracyKendall.com

From across the pond, Tracy Kendall gives Shakespeare a chic graffiti twist with Midsummers Night Dream wallpaper. “The script is in my sister’s handwriting which I’ve always loved,” says Kendall. “And it’s embroidered onto the wallpaper so you can see and feel the texture of the stitches as well as read some Shakespeare.”


The Paris Accent Chair is a comfy way to immerse yourself in the word–no book required.

A modern morph on a classic wing chair, the Paris Accent Chair has a slightly flared silhouette and is sheathed in an all-over script fabric called Document Fossil.

Melange L Inspiration

The Melange L’Inspiration chest casts a fanciful light on storage.

Adorned with charming French phrases, the Melange L’Inspiration Chest script design romances the word.


The Becca ottoman from Sam Moore doesn’t skirt the subject of style–it envelopes it.

 The Becca Ottoman from Sam Moore stylishly elevates the word while resting your feet. And, although dubbed an ottoman, this petite perch can also double as a soft-top coffee table (place a pair together) or as extra seating for guests.


Every home needs an accent chair like the Melange Felicity Chair.

With its elegant carved frame, cameo back and nailhead trim, the Melange Felicity Accent Chair is ooh la la pretty, especially when dressed in a French font fabric.

 Script-embellished decor is captivating, unexpected and a tad whimsical, delivering the “write” stuff to homes of any size and style, Now that’s a text message worth sending, don’t you think? :)

TextFelicity rear view


The Magic of Metallics


Shimmery, glimmery, reflective and bright—metallic finishes add a touch of something special to every space. Incorporating metallic finishes into a room’s design is like choosing just the right jewelry to complete an outfit. A touch of sparkle or reflectivity catches the eye and elevates the look of everything around it.


The beauty of metallic finishes in home furnishings is epitomized in the exquisite Montage Poster Bed from the Melange Collection.

From Runway to Living Room

As metallic fabrics and materials dominate the fashion runways, their appeal has spilled over into home fashions. While silver, chrome and nickel accents and accessories have reigned through recent years, shades of brass, gold, bronze, champagne and copper are today’s hottest hues. Look for deep, rich metallic shades that add warmth and shine.

And feel free to mix and match metal finishes—the former decorating faux pas is now very much on-trend.


The inspiration for sparkling, metallic home decor looks comes straight from the runway, as seen in these fashion picks from ruemag.com.

Golden Glimmer

If you’re looking for a way to dress up a room, start by adding something metallic!


Nothing looks more luxurious than the gold finish of this stunning shaped-front accent chest from the Sanctuary Collection.

We love gold like on the Sanctuary shaped-front chest with neutrals, black and white, and bold shades like emerald green and sapphire blue.

Add a Touch of Glamour

A little metallic goes a long way, so even the addition of one new piece will add glamour and elegance to a space.


The Kenmar side table features a faux zinc finish adds an updated vibe to a traditional silhouette.

 The Kenmar Table is a great choice for adding a touch of reflectivity to a space without a big commitment.

More Metallics Please

Silver, gold, brass, bronze, copper—there’s no shortage of beautifully reflective shades dressing up today’s home furnishings. From leather and upholstery to accents and lighting, these tempting tones are available in every style imaginable.


The Lola leather chair from Bradington-Young combines the luxe look of metallic with style and comfort.


A stunning metallic finish, patterned leather, and exquisite drawer pulls come together in the Melange Amaya Leather Chest

So what metallic shade is inspiring you right now? How can you incorporate it into your home’s design?


Welcome Fall! Ideas to Transition Your Interiors


The Sanctuary gold-front chest brings brilliance and warm to interiors in any season.

That nip of fall in the air and the extra brilliance of blue in the sky is a subtle reminder of summer’s end and the transition to another season.  As I’ve browsed various shops and garden centers, the hints haven’t been so subtle!  Yes, harvest style decorations are in abundance. 

I suppose it is time to put away the seashells and ponder how to bring in the “cozy” elements of autumn indoors.  Like most of you, I don’t take everything away to start with totally new furniture and accessories décor just because of a seasonal change.  I do, however, weave in elements of interest, while using a lot of what I already have in place. 

I tend to be a nature-driven designer, looking for inspiration from organic sources.  In browsing through some past photos, from seasonal jaunts, the warm tones and textures of gourds, along with their twists and turns, inspired me to seek similar shapes in accent pieces.  The Three-Drawer, Shaped Front Gold Chest, from Hooker Furniture, evokes the same, almost effortless curve. The warm glow of the metallic finish made me think of dappled, summer to fall sunsets, as the twilight paints a beautiful horizon.  It provides a sophisticated accent for an entry greeting, all year round.


The Continental Camel Dining Chair will help you usher in the best of fall traditions for family gatherings.

Fall seems to be a season of traditions, whereas summer has more casual leanings.  Autumn entertaining activities migrate to indoor dining spaces and the Sam Moore Continental Camel Dining Chair suggests an image of people gathered round for fabulous food and conversation.  The comfortable padding invites the visitor to linger beyond cordials or dessert.  Can’t you imagine visiting a beautiful inn with these chairs placed around a long trestle table?  I think of the annual trips my husband and I have made to the North Carolina Smokey Mountains.  Whether it’s a Labor Day weekend and the wildflowers are in their last bloom, or we’ve experienced a surprise dusting of snow in late October, it’s our tradition to make the treks to restore body and soul as we anticipate the busy holidays ahead.  Keep in mind, not all “fall” colors have to be in orange hues or gold tones.  Fall is multi-hued!


Expand beyond orange, gold and brown for fall to embrace varied hues like magenta, yellow and green.

 Speaking of which, who would imagine magenta or deep rose for fall?  Just take a look in the gardens or at your local plant nursery.  You can see, in my photo of a bevy of Chrysanthemums, Mother Nature has welded her paint brush with a broad spectrum.  Contemplate using deep, rich colors as accents in chairs or pillows, as well as glassware.  The  Sam Moore Marlene Carved Wood Dining Chair brings a fresh approach to popping in a floral reference without a lot of “fru-fru”.


The painted taupe finish of the Sorella Dining Table brings warmth to your interiors, and the two 18-inch leaves accommodate all your guests.

Neutrals also transition the seasons and white is still a powerful statement.  From the mini pumpkin gourds to the white accent trim in the dining room, (shown above), classic design is always in good taste and in season.  The Sorella Rectangle Dining Table, from Hooker Furniture, is soft enough for a light summer fare and rich enough for sharing a harvest-laden dinner.  White dishes make everything look especially tasty!


The Wakefield drop-leaf table is a great option for a refined rustic kitchen island.

 As I write, there are still a few eggplants waiting to be plucked from the vine and worked into a delicious casserole.  As the time for frost nears, I know I’m going to miss the luxury of popping out the door to see what’s waiting in the garden for dinner.  Fall does require some extra menu planning when it comes to my time in the kitchen.  For now, I’m going to savor and enjoy some of the fruits of our summer labor while we’re hoping to finish some kitchen updating, too.  We’ve always had an island, but the Wakefield Drop Leaf Table speaks to me as a viable option for kitchen furniture.  I love the bottom shelf for staging baskets of what I might use for everyday food prep.  The Horton Cucina would be filled with the aroma of one of my favorite dishes – Eggplant Parmesan.  Click <here> for an easy recipe from Real Simple.


A leather club chair and ottoman is the perfect fall perch for enjoying everyone’s favorite fall sport.

Of course, my husband reminded me not to forget that all seasons include sports and the ability to be the “armchair” coach.  Football just happens to be a favorite, and whether you’re a real life participant or enjoy catching the games on a Sunday afternoon broadcast, the La Pedrera Pasaje Club Chair, paired with its matching ottoman, is probably one of the most comfortable ways to appreciate the passing of time. 

As we bid farewell to summer and look forward to fall, take the time to enjoy and savor each day while having fun mixing things up in your home.  Be sure to also check out the new website and blog design for Hooker Furniture.  The changes are quite stunning!