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A Miracle Moment: Fashion + Furniture Meet


Celebrity fashion designer Cynthia Rowley was the guest of honor recently at a party hosted by Chicago-area fine furniture retailer Walter E. Smithe. Walt Smithe, shown here, was a moderator for a Q & A session between Rowley and her fans. Photo by Melissa M. Ryan.

The mood was happy with anticipation in the sun-splashed showroom at the Walter E. Smithe Furniture Store in Chicago’s urbane Clybourn Ave. neighborhood. The guest of honor was fashion icon Cynthia Rowley. Looking like a prima ballerina, she was as excited as her throngs of fans.


Scores of delighted guests gather at a party to unveil the new Cynthia Rowley for Hooker Furniture Collection, with Cynthia Rowley herself as the guest of honor. Photo: Melissa M. Ryan.

Fleur de Glee Writing desk

Fashion + furniture merge beautifully in the Fleur de Glee desk, designed by fashion icon Cynthia Rowley using a floral pattern that’s prominent in her clothing line.

“I’ve always wanted to design home furnishings; they’re how you bring your sense of style to the way you live every day,” Rowley said. “When I got together with Hooker Furniture, it was really a miracle moment!”


Cynthia Rowley’s luxurious, witty pieces for the venerable Hooker Furniture included this bed, upholstered in an antique-rose animal stripe with a subtle metallic effect. Photo: Melissa M. Ryan.

“I’m adventurous myself, but I really wanted to make sure the pieces would reflect my standards as well as my style. I just have to say Hooker Furniture made all my furniture designing dreams come true.”


The Cornelia upholstered bed featuring an antique-rose animal stripe, has an organic, marbleized look. Photo: Cynthia Rowley for Hooker Furniture.

 “I really am passionate about inspiring people to live with delight in their homes,” Rowley said. “There’s no reason today why the fashion trends and colors we love can’t be immediately translated into home furnishings, so they can surround and delight us all the time.”


Cynthia Rowley sits on the Wallis Sofa in the Walter E. Smithe showroom reception. The entire sofa is shown at right. Photo: Hooker Furniture

“My work with Hooker Furniture does that, and since it’s my first furniture design collection ever, I wanted to make sure I worked with a company that has a long history of creating designer-quality pieces. So now you can see a dress at my store and see the same trends and colors here at a furniture store like Walter E. Smithe.”


A vibrant cross-section of Chicago’s chic residents queued up in style to meet celebrity fashion designer Cynthia Rowley, who introduced her first-ever furniture collection for Hooker Furniture at the Walter E. Smith store in Chicago. Photo: Melissa M. Ryan

 Walt Smithe Jr., third-generation leader of one of the Midwest’s most elegant and reputable furniture retailers, moderated the presentation with Cynthia and her fans. He told guests that “Cynthia’s work for Hooker Furniture brings an exciting, fresh perspective to a company that’s always been known for quality.”


One of celebrity designer Cynthia Rowley’s new pieces for Hooker Furniture on display at Walter E. Smithe’s party, this black floral chair shows off her adventurous, artful spirit. The print coordinates with a black floral desk as well as an array of sumptuously colored upholstered pieces. Photo: Melissa M. Ryan.


The Mimi wing chair is pretty, poised and proudly feminine. The pattern on the chair is the same as the pattern on the Fleur de Glee desk, both designed by Cynthia Rowley. Photo: Hooker Furniture


Cynthia Rowley talks with a group of young women at Walter E. Smithe. Photo: Melissa M. Ryan.

The vivacious Rowley was clearly in her element, connecting warmly with her fans. But she’s also very meticulous about details when it comes to her work. “I’ve designed everything from band-aids to wetsuits; things I use myself,” she said. “I don’t have a precious attitude about fashion, but I do apply the creative elements of fashion to everything I design, whether it’s a dress or now, a bed and or a table.”


The Longboard table designed by Cynthia Rowley is shown in the Walter E. Smith showroom. Photo: Melissa M. Ryan.


The Long Board Dining Table has a mod and minimalist feel and showcases the natural wood grains of Mappa Burl Veneers. Photo: Hooker Furniture.

“It’s important to have things around you that are visually complex and pleasing to your eye. I bring a lot of inspirations from my life to my designs, and I think you can see that in my Hooker Furniture collection.

“It’s brave and happy!”


Cynthia Rowley’s Antoinette Gilded Upholstered Bed in the Walter E. Smithe furniture showroom. Photo: Melissa M. Ryan

Fleur de Glee Writing desk


Sporty Recliner Furniture for Father’s Day


For the perfect Father’s Day gift, think rest, relaxation and TLC. And make sure he has plenty of time on Sunday to play his favorite sport or watch it from the comfort of a stylish recliner. Photo: Hooker Furniture

The perfect Father’s Day gift? If there’s one thing every man needs, can use and will appreciate, it is R & R. It comes in many forms and can be personalized to fit the man you’re thinking of, whether its your dad, husband, son or a special father figure.


The Windward Al Fresco Chapel recliner, with its multi-media tapestry of fabric, leather and woven raffia, personifies the laid-back lifestyle. Photo: Hooker Furniture

With today’s hectic pace, everyone needs a little less stress and a little more “me” time. Father’s Day is the perfect occasion to make it happen, especially since Hooker Furniture is now offering a Father’s Day Sale on Best-Selling Recliners.


The timeless, sumptuous Cipriani recliner. Photo: Hooker Furniture

Rest and relaxation is a simple gift, but an important one. You’re not only giving him a thoughtful present, but one that benefits his health and well-being long-term.

Since the guys we know love watching and playing sports, we’ve paired some of our favorite recliners with popular sports. And while a recliner is a great gift any time of the year, so is the chance to sit back and use it.


Basketball lovers will appreciate the strength and sophistication of the Inscription Art Recliner. A tufted back and squared profile gives it masculine appeal. Photo: Hooker Furniture.


For the baseball enthusiast, think classic comfort that will never go out of style. the Cipriani recliner fits the bill perfectly with its timeless look and sumptuously soft leather. Photo: Hooker Furniture.


Impress your football fan by showing him how well you know him with the gift of a Sedona Vortex recliner. It offers the perfect combination of traditional styling and modern comfort. Photo: Hooker Furniture.


If he loves tennis, he’ll love the Aspen Durant recliner. It’s smart and stylish with a shapely silhouette and decorative nailhead trim. Photo: Hooker Furniture.


Adorable and sweet little baby sleeping on Dad's chest

And most importantly this Father’s Day, give him the gift of relaxation.

There’s a great opportunity to do just that with the Hooker Furniture Father’s Day Recliner Sale happening now.


Smoothing the Way for Furniture Shoppers

Designer on Call Marque2


Afraid of Making a Decorating Mistake?

In a Dilemma About Getting Rid of Old Furniture?

Hooker Furniture has launched two shopper-centric services to overcome barriers in the furniture buying experience.

Our own research, supported by historic industry research, reveals two problems that tend to get you hung up when you’re shopping for furniture: 1) Fear of making a decorating mistake 2) The dilemma of disposing of old furniture to make way for the new.


In collaboration with retailers and other partners, Hooker is providing furniture shoppers connections to free design consultation and a furniture consignment referral network through our website at hookerfurniture.com.

The Designer on Call program allows shoppers to connect with interior designers and decorators from key retailer’s showrooms to receive up to an hour of free, no-obligation design assistance.  To connect, simply visit the Designer on Call landing page on the Hooker Furniture website and enters your zipcode, then you can view the designer’s profile page to learn more about the designer and to contact them.

Designer on Call Marque (1)

The NextLife Consignment Referral Network connects shoppers to online and brick-and-mortar consignment companies to easily, safely and securely sell furniture they can no longer use. To start the process, just visit the NextLife landing page and enter your zip code, and you can view the stores nearest you from a list of consignment stores within a network of over 50 high-end consignment stores in key markets.


Hooker Furniture believes that by offering non-traditional services directly from our highly-trafficked websites, we can assist consumers and retailers by using that traffic to generate win-win connections,” said John Albanese, vice president of corporate marketing. “We also believe that, as a leading manufacturer, we have to constantly work on new and innovative ideas to make it easier for people to buy furniture that will enhance their homes, and that they and their families and friends will enjoy for many years.”


The Chatelet upholstered bed has a romantic, vintage, European farmhouse style. Photo: Hooker Furniture.

Archivist shelter bed

The Archivist Shelter Bed. Photo: Hooker Furniture.

What about you? If you’d like an hour of free, no-obligation design assistance, try Designer on Call. Or, if you have furniture you’d like to move to make room for new, try Next Life. Let us know about your experience!