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Haute Holiday Helpers: Accent Furniture


Every home needs accent furniture like this. Photo credit: Hooker Furniture, Better Homes & Gardens.

During the holidays, there’s a bit of Mrs. Claus in us all. Whether we’re decorating the tree , hanging the wreath, or decorating the mantel,  we keep thinking about how to make everything run like clockwork to ensure everyone has a wonderful time. While Santa relies on elves, Mrs. Claus goes her own way. At the top of her list (which she checks more than twice) are haute holiday helpers-accent furniture pieces that add function and flair to every room in the house.


Dress up the hallway, guest bedroom or master bath with the chic Sanctuary Fretwork chest and gain valuable storage space at the same time. Photo: Hooker Furniture.

Since flair and function at home is sure to delight family and guests during the holidays, now’s the perfect time to take advantage of special savings on all accents from Hooker Furniture, now on sale through December 12.

With antiqued mirror drawer fronts embellished with delicate Moroccan-inspired wood trim in a pearl essence finish, the Sanctuary Fretwork Chest delivers a dramatic dose of global glam.


The Chevron Console adds texture and warmth as well as storage. Photo: Hooker Furniture

 Sized right for foyers, the Chevron Console creates a stylish first impression with doors crafted of birch, pine and oak veneer planks that are fitted together in a classic menswear pattern.


Because they’re graduated in size, the Sanctuary Nest of Tables can be place one over the other so they take up little storage space. Photo: Hooker Furniture

The Sanctuary Nest of Tables are ultra-versatile, working either as a group or as stand-alone accents. They create architectural interest and can be placed in a variety of configurations, all while providing table space that grows as your gathering does.


Behind the showstopper doors of the Melange Star Power console are very practical design elements — two adjustable shelves and a three-plug outlet. Photo: Hooker Furniture

Aptly named, the Melange Star Power console demands the spotlight with doors in a shimmery eglomise finish (French for “gilded glass”) of luminous silver leaf; each topped with an oversized, modernist star motif.


At just 17″ and 25 pounds, the Acacia round slab table is a chic, yet sturdy, perch for party drinks. (be they eggnog or something a tad stronger) Photo: Hooker Furniture

With its cast-iron branch base and thick natural wood carved top, the Acacia round slab table is a chic, yet sturdy, perch for party drinks (be they eggnog or something a tad stronger).

The holidays are coming. So are your guests.  Haute holiday helpers like these will make everyone feel stylishly welcome and comfy.

Head to Hooker Furniture’s participating retailers from December 2-12 and you’ll score special savings on all Hooker accent furniture.  That makes Hooker Furniture the best holiday helper of them all.


Thanksgiving 2016: When to Compromise

Elegant table prepared for Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends.

An elegant, inviting Thanksgiving table prepared for dinner with family and friends.

Each year as soon I put the kids’ Halloween costumes away, I start planning the Thanksgiving holiday with my family. Discussions inevitably start with meal planning and menus, and then progress to travel plans and entertaining.


With multiple generations coming together from around the country, we have different ideas on recipes–some prefer traditional fare, while others want to try the newest gourmet twist–and so we hash through ideas to blend everyone’s idea of the perfect Thanksgiving meal. Photo: traditionalhome.com

We swap ideas, share recipes and work together until we create a menu that appeals to everyone’s preferences. Then we debate what time the meal will be served, and whether the kids eat with the adults or at their own table. And we compromise. A lot.


Everyone in my family has a different idea of the perfect Thanksgiving menu, yet we all agree on traditional mashed potatoes. Photo: traditionalhome.com

Check out this mouth-watering classic recipe for traditional mashed potatoes with just four ingredients.

The one thing I’m not open to compromising on is comfort. Whether they’re here for a few hours or several days, I want my family and guests to be comfortable in my home. This means extra seating, comfy dining chairs, and an inviting guest room.


Multipurpose ottomans like this one can be used as an ottoman throughout the year, and then provide extra seating for big holiday gatherings. Photo: Hooker Furniture.

If you’re short on space, put a pair of these Dowdy Round Cocktail Ottomans at the table behind your sofa, in your front entry or at the end of your bed.


The Lu Lu Ottoman from Cynthia Rowley for Hooker Furniture is perfect extra seating in the living room and at the dining table for holiday gatherings. Photo: Hooker Furniture.


Slender, light and comfy armchairs like this Auberose Host Chair offer maximum flexibility to move from family room to dining room. Photo: Hooker Furniture.

 I think the Auberose Host Chair is the perfect choice for extra seating at the dining table. Its upholstered style complements nearly any style of existing chair and its timeless look means it won’t soon feel out of date. Throughout the year, it could work equally well at a desk or with as a pair flanking a sideboard.


When I picture the ultimate guest room, the Sunset Point Collection comes to mind. Photo: Hooker Furniture.

 I love the Sunset Point Fretwork Panel Bed, and the soft beachy finishes. It has an everyday elegance that looks comfortable and welcoming—perfect for guests. Honestly though, I’m not sure this would ever make it to the guest room…I admit I’d probably keep it for my master bedroom and move my bed to the extra room.


Extra serving space is always an issue during the holidays. I love the refined look of the Soiree Sideboard from Cynthia Rowley for Hooker Furniture. It’s a personality piece that is as fashionable as it is functional.


I love searching magazines and Pinterest for new tablescape ideas for Thanksgiving.

If you, too, love to be creative for your Thanksgiving table decor, you’ll love this blog I wrote a few years ago on White Pumpkin Holiday Tablescapes. 

To me, the best part of the holidays, both Thanksgiving and Christmas, is the opportunity to give thanks for the blessings I have. A little compromise on the menu and the time it’s served is a small price to pay for time with my family.

What’s your family’s Thanksgiving menu, and does everyone agree on it? We’d love to hear about it.


My Secret Superpower: Sanctuary Collection


A beautiful, comfortable bedroom pampers YOU like you pamper everyone else and provides a restful reprieve as the busy holiday season approaches. Photo: Hooker Furniture.

The holidays are joyful, but let’s face it: The run-up to them seems to double our endless to-do list. Personally, I find it much easier to stay sweet-tempered and get things done when I can escape now and then without leaving home.

That’s the opportunity given by the serene style of the Sanctuary Collection by Hooker Furniture.


At home, I love to indulge my love of blingy accents and graceful curves. When I see something sparkly and beautiful like these Sanctuary nesting tables, I have to admit I get a jolt of energy! Photo: Hooker Furniture

Sanctuary is a pampering, nurturing collection that balances glam touches such as mirrored or metallic accents with calm, natural elements. To me, that’s modern.


The Sanctuary chest combines mirror with a Pearl Essence finish for serene style. Photo: Hooker Furniture.

Just in time to furnish your home with serene style as the holidays approach, you can head into to Hooker Furniture’s participating retailers through October 31 for special savings on the Sanctuary Collection.

It’s true: we’re willing to get out there and give it our all, not just during the holidays but throughout every multi-tasking season. All we need is a little sanctuary at home. Well, maybe that, an extra cup of coffee and a great pair of shoes–no cape required!

Here’s a tour of some of the serene furniture pieces that might bring you calm and delight: 


Admit it: Curlicue scrolls and silver leaf finish makes this a fairytale bed you’ve wanted all your life. And the silver leaf is balanced by neutral, woven-textured upholstery that keeps the look cool and sophisticated. Photo: Hooker Furniture


Can a storage console be a piece of art? Clearly, yes. This Sanctuary credenza combines wood in ebony and soft metallic gold finishes with antique mirror surfaces for a look that’s dramatic but organic. Photo: Hooker Furniture

The Sanctuary Mirrored Credenza is a focal point no matter where or how you use it. To extend the look, accessorize with ancient motifs and shapes that are classic and cool. I could see this in the dining room, the front hall, the home office or wherever you have stuff to stash but want the look to be elegant.


Feeding people is a big part of the holidays, but just like your favorite recipes, the dining room can use some refreshing now and then. Photo: Hooker Furniture.

A dining table like the Sanctuary Refectory Table elevates every meal to a special occasion and makes holiday dining even more inviting and memorable.


A beautifully shaped mirror may be the easiest way to bring light and a sense of well-being into a room. Photo: Hooker Furniture

Here’s looking at you. A beautifully-scaled mirror may be the easiest way to bring light and drama to a room. The Sanctuary accent mirror above, and the Sanctuary shaped mirror, below, have architectural interest that is especially distinctive.


This distinctive Sanctuary mirror has a timeless shape evoking Moorish tiles. Photo: Hooker Furniture.

The shaped mirror evokes Moorish tiles, and the accent mirror seems inspired by a medieval cathedral floor plan. Both are timeless and romantic, but very fresh. 


Coffee tables need to work hard and look good, whether you have a lot of room or a little. This one has a helpful lower shelf, a feature that adds lots of open (but unobtrusive) storage.

The subtly curved legs of the Sanctuary mirrored coffee table add a graceful note and can help lighten the look of a room that might feel weighted with upholstered seating and wall storage. The antiqued mirror tabletop is a fresh and glamorous surprise.


A comfortable chair doesn’t have to be chunky-looking. This generously-scaled chair has a lighter look, thanks to simple saber legs and a modernized wing back that seems almost sculptural. A ribbon of silvery nailheads trace the graceful shape for a subtle bit of gleam.

 In the bedroom, living room or anywhere, the Paris Accent Chair is a welcome addition.

So as the holidays approach, find rest and refreshment at home. Head into to Hooker Furniture’s participating retailers through October 31 for special savings on the Sanctuary Collection.


Sometimes, you just feel better with everyone cuddled up nearby while you escape into a movie. A home theater group like this is eye-catching even when the TV is off, thanks to lighted display shelves for your favorite photos and personal treasures.

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