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Five Years of Tranquil Spaces with Sanctuary


The new Brighton bed in a Chalky Marshmallow finish is part of the fifth anniversary edition of the Sanctuary Collection to be introduced at the October High Point Market.

Our need for tranquility and peace has never been greater. The world gets busier every day, as we’re harried and rushed and running about managing our lives, jobs and taking care of family. We’re constantly checking our smart phones and email.

This growing need for a respite from the pressure and frenzied pace of life was the inspiration for  the introduction of the Sanctuary Collection by Hooker Furniture five years ago.


One of the original pieces in the Sanctuary Collection, the 54-inch round pedestal table is offered in a two-tone Dune and Beach finish that can be effortlessly mixed with other finishes such as mirror, metallic or rustic black.

In introducing Sanctuary, our desire was to help you create a tranquil space for your home that exudes a peaceful calm and grace, almost like a weekend retreat or a resort vacation space.

Five years later, Sanctuary is still our best-selling collection, which we hope is an indication that Sanctuary has indeed inspired you and helped you create more tranquil spaces.

In celebration of five fabulous years, we are offering 75 new “anniversary” pieces, including 20 accents, in two lifestyle looks, Brighton and Bling, at the High Point Fall Furniture Market in October.

With the new introductions, we’re paying tribute to some of our best-selling pieces by doing fresh interpretations with a flair for color.


Vibrant new Sanctuary finish colors include Antique Seafoam, Aqua, Chalky Marshmallow White, 5-Star cobalt and Sky-High Azure Blue.

A relaxed country manor home lifestyle, Brighton offers casual forms with a charming English country pedigree and multiple finishes—even an edgy Ultra True Red that picks up on today’s popularity of chalk-painting and re-purposing vintage furnishings and décor with splashes of color.

SanctuarywredchairsThe Ultra True Red Chair is inspired by Sanctuary’s best-selling Rakeback chair, shown below.


Sanctuary’s best-selling Rakeback dining chair is shown here in a Dune and Drift finish.

The newer, brighter Rakeback chair in the Ultra True Red has more modern, sleek lines than the original chair.

The classic lines of the original chair will be offered this fall in updated finishes such as Antique Seafoam and Antique Hickory.

Another best-selling piece from the original collection is the Poppy Red Three-Tier Accent Table.


From the original Sanctuary introduction, the Poppy Red Accent Table is one of the best-selling pieces.

Who wouldn’t want to warm up their room with a dash of red?

With this market, the same table will be offered in new finishes such as Antique Seafoam, shown above in the third photo.

When Sanctuary was first introduced, some pieces really “pushed the envelope.” One of Sanctuary’s qualities–the addition of sparkle and light and bling in a selection of mirrored and metallic pieces–seemed edgy. For example, when this tufted, sculptured bed with a mirrored and metallic border (affectionately known as the ‘bling bed’) was introduced, furniture retailers shook their heads and wondered if anyone would buy something so audaciously elegant and feminine.


When introduced, the “bling bed” seemed edgy, but its elegant glamour made it a best-seller.

Bling silo

The Sanctuary bling bed brought light and metallic and soft tufting into bedroom design.

In honor of the now-iconic Bling Bed and the bling pieces that followed, we are taking bling to a whole new level at the upcoming market with two over-the-top luxurious looks in true Hollywood Swanky glam, Bardot and Avalon. The Avalon bedroom, shown below, is presented in a clean rectilinear shape featuring a mirrored bed with a diamond metal overlay and upholstered headboard in a semi-modern feeling with clean case pieces in mirrored frames and reverse sliver leaf accents.


Our hope is that the Sanctuary Collection will continue to help you create tranquil spaces for many years to come.


Furnishing the Vinyl Record Revival


“No one wants to pass a thumb drive down to the next generation, but an album is something you can collect and be proud of,” said the 25-year-old young man.

“And when you love music, it’s so much better to have something tangible that connects you to the artist, rather than just a compressed digital file or streaming music. Vinyl albums have a warmer, richer, more authentic sound.”


This young professional and recent college graduate is hardly alone in his enthusiasm for the “old-fashioned” sound and tactile experience of vinyl albums. In fact, vinyl album sales hit a record 6.1 million last year, and so far this year, sales are up 40% over last year’s record-setting pace, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

Today, virtually every major record label offers a vinyl version of their new releases, and record stores are popping up all over the country.

But where can you store, play and enjoy vinyl records at home? Up until now, there hasn’t been an answer. But that was before talented 30-something designer Taylor West, a winner of several Pinnacle Design Awards, had the idea to create a perfect fusion of modern function and vintage sound in the  Studio 7H Record Player Console, shown below in his design rendering.

Studio 7H Credenza record player

The piece is part of the new Studio 7H Collection to be introduced by Hooker Furniture at the October High Point Furniture Market.

Designed in Mid-Century Modern style out of walnut, this piece harkens back to the vintage styles of the 60s and 70s so popular today, but has completely up-to-date function, including wire management and storage for up to a 50-inch TV and components, gaming storage and ample storage for those treasured albums and your turntable.


The Studio 7H Gaming/TV/Record Player Console will be introduced by Hooker Furniture at the October High Point Market.

The record player console, while housing vintage sound, has all the function of one of the TV Consoles and Home Entertainment Centers sold by Hooker Furniture today.

The record player console is part of an exciting new 70-piece collection called Studio 7H that harmoniously contrasts clean, minimalist, modern and urban elements with vintage, rustic and even nostalgic pieces to embrace the casual and active lifestyles of today.

Inspired by vintage furnishings of the mid-twentieth century and the classic pieces that can be found at upscale antique markets, Studio 7H blends easily with looks from farmhouse to warehouse.


The Studio 7H Collection combines Rustic Chic, Mid-Century Modern and Scandinavian styles.

Three easily-mixed personas are part of Studio 7H: Rustic Chic, Mid-Century Modern and Scandinavian Chic.

All are singular, mixable and beautiful.

What about you? Are you into the sound of vinyl records? Do you like the idea of a modern yet vintage record player console that also has TV function? Let us know in your comments.


The Write Stuff: Text-Messaging Inspired Decor


This fun and colorful headboard is letter perfect. Credit: BHG.com

Smart phones have breathed life into the written word via tweets and text messaging. Now, designers are penning a trend all their own with decor that’s embellished with script, fonts and phrases, letters and words. Far from old school, these looks are very of the moment, span contemporary to classic; and work well in both casual and dressy interiors.

DIYers, put your spin on the trend by gathering letters in lots of sizes, fonts and colors from flea markets and craft stores, or make your own. Then arrange them on the wall creatively like the example above from Better Homes & Gardens.


Tommy Hilfiger walks the talk with art. Credit: Douglas Friedman, ArchitecturalDigest.com

When Tommy Hilfiger and his wife, Dee, tapped Martyn Lawrence Bullard to give their Miami home a hip “disco madness” vibe, Bullard hit his groove with this collaborative pop art painting by Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquit. Its mix of vivid hues, abstract pattern and playful fonts was the inspiration for everything in the living room, including the lavishly swirled, hypnotic hair-on-hide carpet.


In the hands of designer Tracy Kendall, the Bard reaches new heights. Credit: TracyKendall.com

From across the pond, Tracy Kendall gives Shakespeare a chic graffiti twist with Midsummers Night Dream wallpaper. “The script is in my sister’s handwriting which I’ve always loved,” says Kendall. “And it’s embroidered onto the wallpaper so you can see and feel the texture of the stitches as well as read some Shakespeare.”


The Paris Accent Chair is a comfy way to immerse yourself in the word–no book required.

A modern morph on a classic wing chair, the Paris Accent Chair has a slightly flared silhouette and is sheathed in an all-over script fabric called Document Fossil.

Melange L Inspiration

The Melange L’Inspiration chest casts a fanciful light on storage.

Adorned with charming French phrases, the Melange L’Inspiration Chest script design romances the word.


The Becca ottoman from Sam Moore doesn’t skirt the subject of style–it envelopes it.

 The Becca Ottoman from Sam Moore stylishly elevates the word while resting your feet. And, although dubbed an ottoman, this petite perch can also double as a soft-top coffee table (place a pair together) or as extra seating for guests.


Every home needs an accent chair like the Melange Felicity Chair.

With its elegant carved frame, cameo back and nailhead trim, the Melange Felicity Accent Chair is ooh la la pretty, especially when dressed in a French font fabric.

 Script-embellished decor is captivating, unexpected and a tad whimsical, delivering the “write” stuff to homes of any size and style, Now that’s a text message worth sending, don’t you think? :)

TextFelicity rear view