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Sanctuary Collection: Home’s Little Black Dress

“Sanctuary is luxurious, while still feeling clean and fresh and somehow enchanted,” said its designer, Tracey Gibson. Hooker Furniture

When the Sanctuary Collection was first created 10 years ago, it was with the mission to help women create a place of refuge and romance, serenity and style — yes, a sanctuary — within their homes. 

Now the groundbreaking collection is being expanded with nearly 90 new pieces that “allow you to put together your own look and give it your own personal style to tell your story,” said designer & creator Tracey Gibson.

The Sanctuary Collection has a signature style to it: ‘It has love, heart and passion that exudes a feminine ethereal feeling,’ said designer Tracey Gibson, pictured with the Anastasie Bed with a creamy white finish accented with champagne and silver tipping and a removable carving on the headboard.

Sanctuary accents, like this curvy chest with a 3-dimensional floral motif, are exotic and elegant and meant to give the collection a well-traveled feeling. Hooker Furniture

“Sanctuary is like a woman’s little black dress that she can dress up or down with accessories and make it her own,” Gibson said. “It’s the finishes and textures, details and materials you chose that allow you to tell your own story.”

Sanctuary pieces, like this console table with a silver finish and undertones of champagne, are glamorous, romantic and classic with a touch of bling. Hooker Furniture

The bedroom, dining room, living room and home office furniture pieces are grouped into three unique personas, each of which are designed to embody the influences of a well-traveled woman who curates a collection of home furnishings in travels across the globe.

The Anastasie bed offers a softer, romantic look, with historical reproduction bones, giving it a European cottage feel. Hooker Furniture

The pieces are opulent, yet approachable; vintage, yet modern; timeless yet fresh. “Sanctuary gives you a casual lifestyle that’s still glamorous through a magical bit of distressed finishes,” said Gibson.

Historical European reproduction-based pieces are intermingled throughout Sanctuary, with design details like tabletops with intricate quatrefoil veneer patterns, carved chairs with acanthus leaf and scrolled fretwork detailing. Hooker Furniture.

Gibson notes that Sanctuary most emulates Parisian interiors. “Parisian interiors have always stood the test of time by merging Old World elegance, vintage details and modern pieces,” she said. “Mixing classical with modern creates a timeless look when curated over years with the patina of a little wear and tear. The charm creates a look that doesn’t feel too perfect and exudes casualized glamour.”

The Diamant Canopy Bed is perhaps the most iconic of all the new Sanctuary pieces, with a diamond motif in a champagne finish against a reverse hand-painted glass headboard and footboard resembling marble.

Gibson’s “muse” in designing Sanctuarya collection that celebrates feminine drama, was the late Hollywood starlet Audrey Hepburn, the epitome of approachable refinement and class.

Fittingly, one of Hepburn’s most famous sayings was:

“Beauty is being the best possible version of yourself, inside and out.” 

Designer Tracey Gibson looked to Audrey Hepburn, the ultimate wearer of  ‘little black dresses,’ as her ‘muse’ for Sanctuary. Like the collection, Hepburn was a woman who epitomized luxury and refinement that was approachable, with a touch of mischief, joy and good humor.

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  • Jennifer Arbuckle June 3, 2019, 3:05 pm

    Where do I get that chest with the flowers on it?

    • Kim D. Shaver June 4, 2019, 7:55 am

      That is a a beauty, right Jennifer? You’ve certainly got good taste, and the chest is so unique as well. Since the new Sanctuary Collection was just introduced at the April High Point Market, it will be available in stores, hopefully by late summer or early Fall.

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