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Spring Fling: Nature-Inspired Decor

Here’s how to lighten up your home and life with style and nature-inspired decor.

Spring is on our doorstep. Time to break out of that winter rut and make a fresh start, both inside and out. With design’s new take on nature-inspired furniture, your home can blossom with style in light, airy ways that’ll also inspire you to step outside and enjoy all that Spring brings once the decorating is done.

Where to start? Draw back the curtains and let in some natural light and fresh air. Then go room to room to see which spots are overdue for a style refresh.

Here’s how to make every day sunny. Photo: Hooker Furniture

The bold sunburst shape of the Sunray Mirror  is accentuated with German silver foil, which makes the mirror gleam while reflecting soft beams of light around the room.

Lighten up your home with a sparkly, blingy mirror. Hooker Furniture

Shape up in a light and airy way. Photo: Hooker Furniture.

With a laser-cut metal base that resembles a trellis, The Angeline Console  puts a modern spin on an important element of garden design—architecture.

Spring is time for sky-high style. Photo: Hooker Furniture.

The softly-curved shape of the Beaumont Bachelor’s Chest romances the room as its nature-inspired Skylark Blue finish takes flight with fashion finesse. 

For the authenticity of nature, try simple and uncomplicated. Photo: Hooker Furniture.

The clean lines and weathered gray finish of the Jude nesting tables  infuse interiors with a very organic sense, especially when clustered together in the center of the room.

Here’s where to come home to roost in style. Photo: Hooker Furniture

The Affinity upholstered bed  has a streamlined silhouette that lets light flow in and around it, plus a greige and antique white sand-blasted finish that adds nature-inspired texture.

Remember to lighten up in other ways, too. Plant flowers or stroll through a nearby park. Fresh air, fragrant flowers and the sun’s glistening reflection on water are among Mother Nature’s most sure-fire cures for stress.

Bark, run, repeat.

When someone asks, “Who let the dogs out?” let the answer be…”I did!” Playing fetch, rolling in the grass or taking a leisurely walk will benefit you and your furry best friend.

Drink a cup for better health.

Every day, over 50% of Americans drink tea, which can lower cholesterol and the risk of stroke. So why not sip yours beneath a shady tree with a snack in your hand and friends by your side?

Flower power works wonders.

This sign says it all.

Now’s the time to embrace the season of renewal and fresh starts that is upon us. Lighten up. Have a little Spring fling. You and your home deserve it. 


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